Already one of the world’s leading producers of precision-made flow regulators, Neoperl UK has taken delivery of four new high speed moulding machines from Arburg in April, to further improve their capacity.

That’s a total of 19 Arburg injection moulding machines currently in production, supporting the existing fleet, which continue to improve the speed, quality and efficiency in the manufacture of Neoperl flow regulators.  The new moulding machines will not only give increased productivity but also an improvement in quality and reduction in scrap.

Neoperl UK focus specifically on the production of flow regulators in the UK. It is a very specialist area and they produce millions each year in various sizes.  Flow regulators are used in appliances to control the flow of water independent of external water pressure variances. They are often found in taps, showers and domestic boilers, making the appliance more efficient, longer lasting and helping to save water.