Muk van Lil and her partner Nick built a unique tiny house nestling in the Veluwe woods close to Zandenplas in the Netherlands. “Mori”, Japanese for “forest”, has been designed as a holiday home offering room for four people, with a clear focus on sustainability. The pared-down yet refined interior design extends through to the bathroom equipment: selected pieces from the Happy D.2 Plus collection from Duravit enhance the sense of wellbeing.

Sustainable by design
Mori was built using the wabi-sabi approach, which foregrounds seven Japanese principles. The three main principles of the tiny house are: durability, simplicity, and imperfection. The owners created sketches of the façade and the floor plan which were then realized by a local construction company. Because Mori is located within the forest, good insulation and durable and robust workmanship were hugely important. The base of the house is made from robust wood and the interior walls are clad with straightforward plasterboard.

In terms of the careful selection of materials, the developers placed great importance on durable, natural, and recyclable materials in addition to the aesthetics and optics. For example, the walls are painted with a natural chalk paint and the floors are covered with the world’s only 100-percent recyclable PVC flooring.

Mori Tiny House

Cosiness in a small space
Using a few selected furnishing items and a harmonious color concept with bright, natural colors combined with wood tones, the house owners were able to create a stylish and warm atmosphere with an inviting sense of wellbeing. The pellet stove which generates a cozy heat on cold days also plays its part.

Despite the minimalist floor plan, the Mori tiny house does not feel cramped. This is due in part to the sizeable window surfaces which draw the view outward to the surrounding landscape.

Wellness experience in the bathroom
The interior design concept is followed through in the bathroom with refined and durable furnishings from the Happy D.2 Plus range from Duravit – a true feel-good experience for the guests. The ceramic washbasin in White is connected to a floor-standing, height-adjustable metal console in Black Matt with a combined towel holder. The integrated drawer in brushed walnut has a practical seating element added on the side, and the resulting storage space adds to the tidy aesthetics. The visual highlight is a circular mirror with ambient light, a coloured light-switching function, and mirror heating.

The shower area, which is connected to an outside shower, features a Stonetto shower tray made from DuraSolid® Q, the matt surface of which creates the impression of authentic stone. The finishing touch to the bathroom furniture is a shower toilet: SensoWash® Starck f offers hygienic cleanliness, high operating convenience, and sustainable design.

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