No bathroom – whether a large family bathroom or a small guest toilet – should be without an illuminated mirror. These mirrors are more than mere functional accessories: they create an opportunity for individuality without having to compromise on design, functionality, or comfort.

Mirrors and any accompanying bathroom lighting need to harmonize with each other, they should be easy to operate and where possible avoid glare and mist. As it can be immensely frustrating standing in a steaming bathroom after a hot shower, with the mirrors misting over, making it all but impossible to do your hair or makeup. A heated mirror can help by preventing the mirror surface from misting up in the first place.

This is an option that is already integrated in many mirrors within the Duravit designer furniture series; the “best” models of the universal Light and Mirror range can also be ordered as an optional extra.

On the Happy D.2 Plus, Luv, XSquare, models and the icon version of XViu, the heating is switched on and off using an icon on the operating panel, while on the other models it is connected to the light. The integrated “auto-off” function switches the heating off after an hour.

Contactless operation
Two convenient operating systems are available: an integrated sensor ensures that the mirror and the accompanying light can be operated contactlessly. As an alternative, a contactless control panel for the
main light, ambient light, light temperature, and mirror heating is available on the surface of the mirror. Contactless control is hygienic and prevents unwanted fingerprints on the surface.

Control via the Casambi app
Creating a pleasant atmosphere in the bathroom is easier than ever with mirrors that are compatible with the Casambi light-control app, such as those in the White Tulip or Zencha range. Light temperature with a memory effect, mirror heating, or dim function is really easy to control. Additionally, customers can create and save scenes, such as extra-soft lighting for some spa downtime in the home bathroom.

Glare-free lighting alongside optimum illumination

Duravit Mirror

To ensure the best luminous efficacy, Duravit uses modern technology to create computer simulations to precisely
calculate the light extraction.

Specially selected LEDs are used with a guaranteed service life of at least 30 years1 and consistently high luminous efficiency. The spacing of the individual LEDs on the circuit boards is individually defined and specially manufactured for each product and model.

Duravit Mirror
On the icon version of the XViu mirror,
heating is switched on and off using a symbol on the operating panel.

The light sources on mirrors with a light band in the mirror surface – such as Brioso, Duravit No.1, Happy D.2 Plus, L-Cube, Luv, XSquare, XViu, and Zencha or on the products from the universal Light and Mirrors range – are deflected by a reflector.

This is specially constructed and guarantees glare-free lighting on all models. As a rule, individual light sources are not visible, the light is homogeneous, has optimum brightness of at least 300 lux in the field of vision, as well as high colour fidelity for natural colour rendering of skin tones. The light colour is 3500 or 4000 Kelvin depending on the model.

Quality, sustainability, and safety
All Duravit mirror and mirror cabinet models use energy sparingly. The development process involves comprehensive tests in a climatic chamber to ensure that the materials can also cope with extreme conditions. For example high temperatures or high humidity as well as splash-proof protection pursuant to IP44.

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