This year, LIXIL – parent company to GROHE – was selected as one of the 118 companies worldwide included on the Water Security A-List, 39 of which are Japanese companies.

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) disclosure is becoming increasingly important. Each year CDP, evaluates data from the world’s major corporations as relates to climate change, water resources, and forest conservation, and publishes its findings.

CDP conducts surveys on water resource management to evaluate corporations’ activities for water conservation in their business activities, products, and services, as well as their measures to address global sanitation problems.

LIXIL CEO Kinya Seto said, “We are honoured to be recognised for LIXIL’s ongoing efforts in water and resource management, and mitigation of environmental risk. As a global manufacturer of water and housing products.

“LIXIL believes that strengthening efforts to mitigate the impact of climate change and conserve water is essential for sustainable growth.

“We are promoting circular practices throughout the entire supply chain, from raw material procurement through to manufacturing, product use, and disposal. LIXIL’s Corporate Environmental Management team at our headquarters along with our technology business divisions will further strengthen activities and formulate company-wide environmental strategies and roadmaps, working with each plant to firmly promote environmental goals.”

LIXIL’s Environmental Vision 2050 was established to achieve “Zero Carbon and Circular Living, and minimise the environmental impact of its products and operations globally, including a wide range of activities for water sustainability.

LIXILalso reports it is actively pursuing activities based on its Environmental Vision to mitigate and adapt to climate change, earning a score of “A-” from CDP in the climate change sector.

In 2014, GROHE became part of the LIXIL Group Corporation, a publicly listed company on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. LIXIL is the global market leader in the sanitary ware industry and also Japan’s leading provider of housing and building materials.

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