Lecico Bathrooms has announced a new partnership with Propelair – designers and manufacturers of the world’s lowest water-flush toilet that works on existing drainage. From the start of this month, Lecico will become the exclusive UK distributor of Propelair products – assuming responsibility for sales, marketing, and operational functions for Propelair in the UK. 

Lecico says the importance of climate change and water scarcity within the UK construction industry has been evidenced recently by consultations with the UK Government on water labelling, changes to Part G of the building regulations, and challenges related to recent water shortages.  Propelair toilets are the highest performers under BREEAM’s water efficiency guidelines, using an average 84% less water than standard toilets. The proven technology, which can be retrofitted to existing drains, has been adopted by over 200 customers, and over 4,500 units are now installed across a wide range of commercial buildings. Engineered specifically for commercial, public, and heavy footfall premises, the Propelair system connects conveniently to existing plumbing systems. 

Antony Thompson, MD at Lecico Bathrooms, commented: “We are very excited by the opportunities the partnership with Propelair will present over the coming years, and it highlights our commitment to addressing the sustainability challenges faced by our industry. 

“The Lecico Bathrooms team are looking forward to continuing to build on our recent success and we are certain that the addition of the innovative range of Propelair water-saving toilets into our growing portfolio of bathrooms products will accelerate our growth.”

David Hollander, CEO of Propelair, added: “As sustainability continues to become an essential strategy for businesses in the UK, we have partnered with Lecico to meet the growing demand for our hygienic, water-efficient toilet. Propelair has seen growth in our installed base in recent years. A UK partnership with Lecico, an established bathroom manufacturer, was a logical next step to ensure we provide excellent service to current customers in the UK, while also satisfying increasing demand from new customers. 

“Internationally, Propelair will continue to grow its presence in South Africa and the Gulf, selling directly to customers and working with select distributors.”