Hotel design is all about creating memorable experiences, and this is exactly what LAUFEN showcased at HIX 2023 at London’s Business Design Centre in November.  

Show visitors had the rare opportunity to view a product in development as LAUFEN presented its new shower system prototype. Designed in collaboration with Andreas Dimitriadis of Platinum Design, the shower system offers the ultimate spa experience to hotel guests thanks to a 12-inch touchscreen display integrated into the shower for the first time. Guests can use the touchscreen to easily select their preferred temperature, pressure and water flow, and shower head choice. The screen sits within a horizontal wall panel containing a display of tile lights and an illuminated storage niche. What’s more, developers are planning an option for hotel operators that would allow them to display information on the screen.

Enhanced wellness with the new Val bath

LAUFEN has a long and successful partnership with German designer Konstantin Grcic, who created the iconic circular Val bath, among other designs. Now, they have joined forces again to design a new version of the Val bath that harnesses the power of light and colour to promote well-being and bring chromotherapy – traditionally offered by hotel spas – into the guest bathroom to enhance the user’s experience.

The redesigned model has a translucent structure through which an LED panel projects different light settings according to mood. By using the remote control, the bather can easily select from nine different pre-set moods, such as desert, ocean and forest, or adjust the intensity and colour of the light according to their preference.

For the first time in the UK, LAUFEN presented elements of its new MEDA collection (pictured top), part of a series of solutions for hotel bathrooms. Created by Swiss designer Peter Wirz for LAUFEN, MEDA perfectly embodies the functionality and attention to detail reminiscent of Swiss design. The washbasins, for example, have right angles and straight lines on the outside, but inside feature softly rounded corners. This makes them both pleasing to the eye and easy to clean.

Another highlight of MEDA is that its wall-mounted WC is the first model to incorporate LAUFEN’s new Silent Flush technology. This technology utilises vortex flushing to create a powerful whirlpool action that effectively removes waste from the bowl. Silent Flush consumes less water than traditional flushing systems, and, as the name implies, it operates virtually silently. This is a perfect solution for hotel bedrooms, as guests are less likely to disturb their partner if using the bathroom in the middle of the night. 

MEDA’s complete ceramics, baths, brassware and furniture collection will be launched in the UK and Ireland in Q1 2024.

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