Lakes has launched a new Ambient walk-in shower with concealed LED lighting in the wall mount that emits a soft glow of light along the edges of the Low-Iron glass. The light is activated when the embedded PIR sensor is triggered.

Headlining the popular Walk-In Collection, this 2-metre high walk-in is the first of its kind and is designed to make night-time bathroom visits safer while leaving light sleepers undisturbed by the need to turn on bright main lighting. The PIR motion sensor triggers soft LED lighting when someone enters the bathroom in the dark.

As well as making nocturnal bathroom visits safer and less disturbing, the soft glow also transforms the showering experience into one that is calming and restful by virtue of the low-level lighting which helps to create a private, gently lit sanctuary. Ambient has Lakes Glass PureVueHD low-iron glass for superior clarity and AllClear® advanced glass coating for long-life looks. The glass thickness is a generous 8mm.

Managing Director Bev Brown says: “The LED lighting built into the spectacular Ambient walk-in serves a dual purpose. First and foremost it makes the showering space a more soothing environment to relax and unwind in, particularly for showering in the evenings. It also makes the bathroom a safer place at night, showing up potential trip hazards left out by younger generations that could otherwise pose a safety concern for visiting or co-habiting grandparents. Although, who hasn’t stepped painfully on a piece of forgotten Lego or a toy?

“Over the last few years, we’ve seen more and more families welcoming sons or daughters, often with young families, or grandparents back into the family home. Multi-generational living and improving the home to make that possible is becoming a feature of life today. Low thresholds to showering enclosures, non-slip shower trays, seats and reassuring grab rails are the showering accessories that enable this type of lifestyle. The good news is they’re no longer purely functional; the best are very stylish additions and enhancements.

“Showrooms offering solutions for homeowners modifying their bathrooms to suit a multigenerational lifestyle will maximise opportunities and sales by displaying the Ambient Walk-In.”

All Lakes products are backed by a unique guarantee. To add Lakes’ new Ambient walk-in to your display, call 01684 853 870. Download the brochure here: