KEUCO products offer excellent design, ease-of-use, and technical sophistication, with innovations that aid daily living – are visually appealing with technically superb features. The new dispenser is ideal for both liquid and foam soap as well as liquid sanitiser. The new sensor-activated dispenser was developed with aesthetic appeal and innovative technology.

The wall-mounted, electronic PLAN sensor dispenser combines sophisticated style with state-of-the-art hygiene convenience. The chosen hygiene fluid is added directly into the generous 1.1-litre container. This reduces the number of manual re-filling operations which is an important benefit, especially in buildings such as hotels or healthcare facilities.

The KEUCO touch-free sensor dispenser in chrome, aluminium, stainless steel finish or modern matt black, complements the extensive range of accessories in the PLAN series. This range offers a variety of different solutions for private and hotel bathrooms as well as public sanitary areas. With its sophisticated aesthetics, maximum functionality and outstanding quality, the PLAN range has become a sought-after modern classic among architects, planners and plumbers.

The sensor is user-friendly it triggers the dispensing of a preset amount when the hand is held underneath. The portion quantities of liquid or foam soap as well as liquid disinfectant are adjustable to prevent wastage and ensure economical consumption. The interval for dispensing is also adjustable, and when set in the cleaning mode, the unit and the surrounding area can be cleaned for at least 10 seconds without triggering.

There are two electronic operating options for the PLAN hygiene dispenser: via batteries or with a flush-mounted power supply unit. Both have an LED display for the fill level as well as the battery capacity. The LED fill level indicator lights up green when the device is ready for operation and it flashes red if the fluid needs refilling. The battery indicator works in the same way. A matching drip tray is available as an optional accessory for the dispenser.

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