A stylish mirrored cabinet with numerous practical features, the new SOMARIS from Keuco is a true all-rounder for the bathroom.

The SOMARIS mirror cabinet from Keuco has an unobtrusive design. It is extremely versatile with external configurations, including symmetrical or asymmetrical doors, four variants for side panels, technical configurations, and an interior with more attractive features.

The SOMARIS mirrored cabinet is available in one of four different side and rear walls, with a mirror option in white or black and an oak wood look to complement any bathroom design in order to create personalised bathroom spaces.

The body of the mirror cabinet is made of aluminium, a sustainable waterproof and especially long-lasting material for the bathroom, even after years it still retains its durability. SOMARIS comes in various sizes and can be fitted with one, two, or three doors. A key feature is the option of asymmetrical mirrored doors, the different sizes, can be configured so that when standing in front of the washbasin, the mirror surface is split to the side, not in the middle. This allows the user to open one door whilst maintaining an unbroken mirror image on the other.

The Keuco SOMARIS has an uncluttered look with its handle-less design. Precise edges accentuate the mirror cabinet’s sleek exterior, and to maintain a minimal look at the washbasin, a recessed version is available in addition to the on-wall version.

Technical features

All the controls are practically arranged on the underside of the aluminium mirror cabinet, which allows it to be operated when open or closed. Icons on the mirror surface indicate the hidden corresponding buttons and, on either side, the LED light ensures a perfect illumination, this can also be dimmed to any level. There is an optional mirror heater which guarantees a clear reflection after showering – this is especially useful in small or windowless bathrooms, and it automatically switches off after 20 minutes.

Interior features

Inside the body of the cabinet is a generous interior that offers ample storage space and practical features. The glass shelves can be arranged to adapt to the sizes of products, big and small, and an electric socket at the side allows a toothbrush to be charged inside the mirror cabinet. (The socket is protected by a hinged cover). Soft-close hinges ensure a quiet and gentle closing of the doors, and opening the mirrors on both sides of the doors makes it possible to view yourself from behind.

Keuco Somaris Bathroom furniture