KEUCO GmbH & Co. KG was founded in the Westphalian town Hemer in 1953, originally it was formed under the name Paul Keune + Co. KG. A lot has changed in the seven decades since the company was founded, but the goal and vision of the early days has remained: to make bathrooms that are both beautiful and comfortable.

KEUCO’s quality products continue to be developed and produced in Germany and the headquarters are still located in Hemer, Westphalia.   The original focus was on bathroom accessories, but KEUCO has continuously expanded, revised and supplemented its range and today offers an abundant range of fittings, accessories, mirror cabinets, washbasins and bathroom furniture all “made in Germany”.

After all these years KEUCO is still skilfully merging tradition with innovation and has collected numerous design prizes for its innovative bathroom furnishing concepts and products along the way.

Pictured left 1988 – The solitair cabinet Sesam becomes an icon in the bathroom & right – KEUCO plan

KEUCO products are sold across the globe, they have more than 500 employees worldwide working as a well-coordinated team, contributing to the positioning of KEUCO in the premium segment of the sanitary industry.

The company is still family run and owned as 100 % of the company shareholders are all members of the original founders.  Today, KEUCO is managed by Lubert Winnecken and he is assisted by a management committee, this team is responsible for the day-to-day running of the business.

1975 – German designer Luigi Colani designs a bathroom with accessories, lights and mirrors by KEUCO

This continuity means the employees consider themselves to be part of an extended family business, one that values its employees and understands that it is the combination of the company’s historical knowledge with individual expertise that creates the KEUCO brand.

Keuco tells us that in order to be successful in the long term, you must have happy employees working to develop products that create satisfied customers.

KEUCO History:

  • April 1953 Foundation of Paul Keune & Co. KG. Six employees manufacture the first hardware fittings for bathrooms.
  • 1959 The company achieves sales of DM 1 million for the first time.
  • 1960 Construction of the first own factory building.
  • 1961 Development of the first own DE LUXE series.
  • 1962 Market launch of high-quality metal mirror cabinets.
  • 1967 Development of the ELEGANCE series – with over 40 million items sold, the most successful series in the world.
  • 1975 Luigi Colani, the most famous designer in Germany at the time, develops the first revolutionary bathroom design with accessories, light and mirrors made by KEUCO.
  • 1987 Takeover of the largest competitor Turk + Bolte from Iserlohn.
  • 1988 Market launch of bathroom furniture. The solitaire cabinet Sesam becomes an icon of modern bathroom furniture.
  • 1995 Takeover of the metal goods factory TWICK + LEHRKE, Gütersloh, market leader for mirror cabinets in Germany.
  • 1999 Start of development of the world ‘s biggest equipment concept PLAN.
  • 2002 Market launch of water-conducting fittings.
  • 2005 First complete bathroom EDITION 300 (fittings, accessories, mirror cabinets, washbasins and bathroom furniture).
  • 2008 Acquisition of the company LUDEWIG, Bünde, furniture producer.
  • 2009 Market launch of PLAN b_free – the furnishing concept for the bathroom in a universal design with the aim of creating beautiful bathrooms for all life situations.
  • 2011 Launch of the successful EDITION 11, designed by Dominik Tesseraux.
  • 2015 Market launch of the innovative fitting series IXMO.
  • 2016 In cooperation with TEAM 7, EDITION LIGNATUR is created, a luxurious bathroom furnishing concept with furniture made of natural wood.
  • 2021 KEUCO produces and achieves an annual turnover of approximately 140 million euros with around 500 employees.
  • 2023 Market launch of AXESS developed in cooperation with the design agency Studio F. A. Porsche.
  • 2023 KEUCO headquarters in Hemer today.
  • 2023 KEUCO celebrates 70th company anniversary.

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