The new collection of black matt bathroom products made by KEUCO is designed to be both elegant and extravagant.

The new Black Selection offers fittings and accessories in a uniform black matt, including matching handles on mirror cabinets. The contrast of the matt black with light tones is particularly powerful and creates a perfectly staged setting in terms of interior design.

The unique feature provided by IXMO enables several functions to be grouped together in one area
creating a clean, chic, minimalist appearance, as only a limited number of the fitting elements are required on the wall. In combination with the extensive range of black matt shower accessories, such as an overhead shower, a hand shower with matching hose, the most desirable shower solutions can become a reality.

The design elements of IXMO in matt black continues through to the washbasin. Available in three styles: Flat, Soft or Pure IXMO provides washbasin fittings to suit different living styles, either as single-lever mixers or wall-mounted fittings. Also in the range is a touch-free IXMO sensor fitting for the washbasin. The entire bathroom can be styled with black matt accents, as the fittings are also available to match the bidet.

Black Selection accessories
Accessories can add a special touch especially when it comes to bathroom design, high-quality bathroom accessories are now part of a harmonious overall picture. The ROYAL MODULAR 2.0 mirror cabinet is now available with a black matt finish, and with matt black elements from KEUCO’s PLAN and REVA collections complete the picture, whether it be the shower basket, cosmetic mirror, lotion dispenser or toilet paper holder.

Black Selection

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