Situated on the outskirts of Sherwood Forest in the UK, Kast is said to be celebrated for its unique and colourful concrete wash basins. Its latest collection, Holm, adds a fresh dimension of style to its line of innovative wash basins.

The collection features basins named Anno, Nema, and Mesa, which transcend mere functionality, transforming into artworks that embody Kast’s dedication to staying ahead of the curve.

“Holm’s charm lies in its sophisticated blend of terrazzo and concrete. The concrete serves as a canvas that masterfully frames and accentuates the striking textures of terrazzo creating a visual and tactile experience that is truly distinctive,” said Amy Bartlett, creative director at Kast.

Aligning with the broader trend in design, traditional materials, like terrazzo, are reimagined in fresh and innovative ways. Terrazzo, with its rich history dating back centuries, provides a unique canvas for experimentation. Designers can reinterpret its patterns, colours, and applications to craft contemporary designs that make a lasting impression. The bold and visually striking patterns achievable with terrazzo create statement-making surfaces, contributing to a design landscape that values uniqueness and individuality.

The terrazzo insert serves to conceal the basin waste discreetly, infusing a touch of minimalism and fostering a streamlined appearance. For added convenience, the insert can be effortlessly removed for cleaning purposes.

Priced with an RRP starting at £1,500/$2,250/€1,800, the collection is meticulously designed to offer versatile installation options. The Nema and Mesa models can be elegantly wall-hung, while the entire range provides the flexibility of surface-mounting. Furthermore, the Nema and Mesa variants present the option of deck-mounted tap holes, enabling additional customisation to suit individual preferences.