The ice caps are melting, oceans are drowning in plastic waste and biodiversity is rapidly declining. To prevent the worst from happening, a change of mind towards circularity is needed as soon as possible. Kaldewei’s first sustainability report – the Luxstainability® Report – demonstrates how committed Kaldewei is to the environment, the way they promote real recyclability and the goals they have set.

The Luxstainability® Report “Sustainable developments start with design and choice of materials. As it is at this point the decision is made on how recyclable a product will be at the end of its life cycle,” says Franz Kaldewei, CEO of Kaldewei.

For over 100 years, Kaldewei has been manufacturing high-quality bathroom objects from sophisticated steel enamel. Steel enamel is 100 percent circular, which makes it one of the most recyclable materials in the bathroom. However, the family business is not content with just a sustainable product DNA, they are now using bluemint® Steel, which is another step towards CO2-free production. This now means every product in their “nature protect series” has its carbon footprint reduced by up to 70 percent.

Official commitments for climate protection

The seriousness of CO2 reduction and climate protection for Franz Kaldewei is demonstrated by his signature on the Science Based Targets. Kaldewei was the first sanitary company, to join over 2,000 other companies, in committing to complying with the 2015 Paris Climate Protection Agreement, which limits global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

The official obligation to report on sustainability comes not place from 2025, in accordance with the new CSR Directive, which was adopted at EU level in November 2022. But Kaldewei is already providing insight into measures and targets for climate protection regarding economic, ecological and social aspects in its Luxstainability® Report.

Commitment to the environment is fundamental to Franz Kaldewei, for over five years, his company has been a partner of WWF Germany, initially in the implementation of a WWF marine protection program and more recently the focus has shifted to the promotion of reusable packaging in Germany.

The Luxstainability® Report was created based on the GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards and can be downloaded in full here: Luxstainability® Report from Kaldewei.

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