Kaldewei is launching a comprehensive washbasin campaign for 2024, unveiling new designs and expanded size options tailored to private customers, hotels, and the project business.

The campaign underscores Kaldewei’s commitment to innovation and sustainability with the introduction of elegant bowls and built-in washbasins crafted from recyclable steel enamel in 13 versatile colours. These additions enhance Kaldewei’s portfolio, catering to a diverse range of clientele, from homeowners to commercial enterprises in the hospitality and project sectors.

A standout feature of the campaign is the Kaldewei Avellino washbowl. Available in 13 colours, its delicate structure and slender silhouette offer aesthetic appeal and hygienic functionality. The plastic-free washbowl is available in three sizes, has a long life, is recyclable and offers 100 per cent circularity. It works in both private bathrooms or exclusive hotel bathrooms that want to avoid plastic and minimise their ecological footprint.

For project installations, Kaldewei introduces the Object R and Object Q built-in washbasins, renowned for their robust steel enamel surface and timeless design. The Object R boasts soft, feminine lines, while the Object Q offers a classic rectangular shape. These washbasins are ideal for modern guest bathrooms and high-traffic public sanitary areas, providing durability and ease of installation.

Additionally, Kaldewei expands its existing Miena and Nueva bowl series with new size options, offering enhanced flexibility for designing premium washing areas. Made from Kaldewei steel enamel, these washbasins guarantee quality and durability, and because the material, a combination of steel and glass, is made from natural raw materials and is plastic-free, they ensure eco-friendly disposal at the end of their lifecycle.

Kaldewei Washbasin Campaign

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