Iris Ceramica’s Bottega d’Arte line elevates the look of ceramic cladding thanks to a focus on craftsmanship and high-end design. This collection highlights the brand’s dedication to its heritage by using red clay, a material integral to the Iris Ceramica Group’s identity.

By combining traditional production techniques with modern aesthetics, Bottega d’Arte delivers a refined solution for contemporary interiors. The process involves blending technological expertise with artisanal experience to create innovative ceramic cladding solutions. Its red clay processing techniques impart a handmade quality to the material, resulting in a visually stunning material that brings an artistic elegance.

Available in a single 15×15 cm size, Bottega d’Arte offers five unique finishes: TerreLustrate, TerreLucide (also available in a 7.5×15 cm brick format), TerreCotte, TerreCotte Oro, and TerreLucide Oro. These finishes highlight the natural beauty of red clay and provide a versatile range for designers.

The colour palette of Bottega d’Arte is divided into three families:

  1. Natural: Highlights the opacity of colours with a satin feel, enhancing subtle shades.
  2. Shiny and Reflective: This creates a soft, shiny effect, accentuating intense chromatic variations.
  3. Polished: Features pearly iridescent reflections that illuminate and brighten the material.

Five finishes are available in a single 15x15cm size to demonstrate the charm and beauty of red clay: TerreLustrate, TerreLucide (also available in the 7.5×15 cm brick format), TerreCotte, TerreCotte Oro and TerreLucide Oro.

The very name Bottega d’Arte (literally ‘art workshop’) reveals its significance – referring, on the one hand, to the Art and Crafts movement of William Morris, who fought to give the so-called “minor arts” the same dignity as the so-called “fine arts”, and on the other to an intimate relationship with production, as in a Renaissance workshop; not simply an experimentation laboratory, but rather a space in which truly timeless works come to life.

Bottega d’Arte captures the attention of designers as a style and elegance trendsetter, on a par with haute couture fashion houses.


Iris Ceramica