Metal, gratings, drains, black, silver, brushed steel and brass are not on your average shopping list but if you are looking for a ‘softer’ industrial silhouette for your bathroom this could be just the inspiration you need.

The 1950s saw the start of the industrial design movement; beginning in New York where large warehouses were re-invented and became the ultimate in spacious, stylish avant-garde living. Iron beams, naked brick and bare wooden floors, the look went initially from open plan living through to specific rooms first to the kitchen and now industrial design has found a new home for inspiration in the bathroom.

The focus is on strong, tough materials, less sleek and shiny, more brushed metal, brass, copper, steel or even black. Other elements that are synonymous with this look are aged woods with a slightly tarnished look and polished cement.

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Industrial design is based on contrast, a mixture of light and shade combining textures and tone in fixtures and fittings, for some this can be a little too harsh.

So, you may decide to opt for a soft industrial style; still using some of the key characteristics of an industrial bathroom but toning them down. A bare brick or cement wall might be too much but using a darker design style and including brushed metallic elements may be more acceptable.

One way of introducing darker tones is with a black frame shower screen, such as Unidrain’s GlassLine. The colour is perfect adding just the right touch of industrial style; as the black frame itself hints at the large, framed windows in a New York apartment.

The black framed GlassLine shower screen is 10mm of clear tempered glass, available in three sizes it can be mounted to the left or right and is installed discreetly and securely without any visible display of fixings, screws, fittings, or joins. The screen is lowered into the Undrain uniquely designed ShowerLine drain located under the bathroom flooring, before being attached to the wall, creating a secure, stable, and watertight showering space.

The black frame sits against the wall covering any edges and generating a smooth finish. For an additional industrial touch install the screen with Unidrain’s colour coordinated black HighLine frame and panel.

Metals are a key factor in industrial style, but getting the right finish is essential. Smooth, shiny metals such as chrome don’t offer the rugged and raw look needed for an industrial bathroom, copper and brushed brass finishes have a slightly warmer tone and suggest a more rustic look.

This different shade can be introduced both in the shower drain and, in the accessories used in the bathroom, from towel hooks and shower shelves to toilet roll holders and toilet brushes. All are part of the Reframe Collection and add a hint of colour to a room which could otherwise be quite dark.

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