Bathroom manufacturer Ideal Standard and Armitage Shanks has added to its family of concealed cisterns, flush plates, and buttons with its new entry-level Conceala 3 range. 

Perfect for commercial and residential settings, the Conceala 3 in-wall cisterns join the existing ProSys® premium cisterns and frames offering and are available in top, side, and bottom water supply inlet variants. Conceala 3 can use both pneumatic and syphon lever flush activations, and there’s also a cable-operated model on offer, fitting seamlessly into bathroom furniture units. The variety of models gives installers and developers installation flexibility for projects of all kinds. Furthermore, the flat back design and lack of bottom lugs on the tank make installing it easier, saving time across projects.  

Conceala 3’s pneumatic models feature a new 2-inch water outlet improving flush performance, whilst an innovative ‘silencer tube’ and mesh filter on the inlet valve ensure a quieter filling process – ensuring the entire mechanism is truly out of sight and out of mind. 

To complete the look, a dedicated range of pneumatic buttons and flush plates are available in traditional chrome, stainless steel and sleek black finishes, enabling developers and contractors to coordinate a full suite of products easily. Conceala 3 also works with several of Ideal Standard’s existing ProSys® flush plates, which offer extended colour choices including the Solea plate in white, chrome, brushed chrome, and black, and the Septa Pro push button in white. 

With sustainability being such a huge focus for developers and specifiers, considerations have been built into Conceala 3’s dual-flushing models, which deliver a flush of 6/4 litres as standard. This can be further reduced to a minimum of 4/2.6 litres with a simple adjustment during installation. Single-flush models are also available. Delayed fill inlet valves are standard across all models, stopping water waste during the flushing process and further decreasing Conceala 3’s environmental impact.

Meanwhile, Ideal Standard’s ProSys® cisterns have SmartValve water-saving technology that cuts water usage by up to 63 litres a week in an average four-person household. 

Both Conceala 3 and ProSys® are ideal behind-the-wall solutions for commercial and residential projects where sustainability and water reduction are a priority. The ranges fully support building accreditation for BREEAM and are compliant with all UK water regulations. 

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