Sparking the next chapter in its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) mission, leading bathroom supplier HiB has published a new report defining its goals and targets for a more sustainable future.

The new report covers a range of CSR areas, from protecting the environment, to developing staff training and improving supply chain procedures and processes. Each topic has been investigated by HiB’s dedicated CSR team, using data to highlight current activity levels across departments.

Each area has been approached with the company vision in mind, to make a ‘substantial difference to the lives of its people, partners and the world we live in’. Information gathered during the production of the report, has been used to evaluate operations and guide the one, three and five year goals set by HiB. Among the targets identified are reducing Scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions by 42% by 2030 and achieving carbon neutrality, something the company has already began working on.

Robert Ginsberg, Managing Director at HiB said: “As a company we are serious about our Corporate Social Responsibility and making a difference. By producing the CSR report, we’ve been able to evaluate our activities in detail, highlighting areas that need improvement in order to help us reach our goals.

“CSR has always been part of our operations and over the years, we have implemented a number of processes and procedures to support those in and around the business. We’ve also invested significantly in infrastructure, installing solar panels at our Inspire House Distribution Centre and electric charging points.

“This report is the next stage in our development as we look to improve our credentials as a sustainable, responsible business. It has allowed us to evaluate our efforts and put in a plan in place to improve, become even more environmentally-friendly and reach our ultimate goals and vision.”

The CSR report is available to view at the HiB website, visit for more details.

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