Roca Group and Mexican industrial group Grupo Lamosa have reached an agreement by which the Mexican industrial group purchases Roca’s tile division.

The transaction is valued at 260 million dollars to include two factories in Brazil, located in Campo Largo and São Mateus do Sul, as well as the Spanish Cerámicas Belcaire, in the Valencian Community. The three plants, which reached a total production of 23.4 million square meters of tile in 2020, export worldwide, their main markets being the United States, where the tile division also has a commercial subsidiary, Brazil and Spain.Grupo Lamosa is best known for manufacturing and commercialising ceramic coatings and adhesives, with sales of over 1 billion dollars and a relevant presence in the American Continent.

This deal is part of Roca Group’s strategy to further strengthen its global leadership in the bathroom space and is in line with the corporate transactions carried out this year. In January the Group acquired 75% of Royo Group and incorporated a sanitary ware plant in the north-east of Brazil, enabling increased supply to meet the demand in this region and strengthen its footprint in Central and North America. Recently, it has also acquired Sanit, one of Europe’s leading suppliers of pre-wall installation systems and bathroom assembly components, headquartered in Germany.

“At Roca Group we are very pleased that our tile division has been acquired by Grupo Lamosa, a leading industrial company of great prestige within this field, its core business, with complete geographical complementarity and with promising future plans for this unit”, highlights Albert Magrans, CEO of Roca Group.

Federico Toussaint, CEO and Chairman of Grupo Lamosa, points out that “this transaction further enhances the strong presence of Grupo Lamosa in the American Continent, where it already operates in several countries, and allows its expansion into Europe. It also represents an important step in the company’s growth path, according to its strategic plan, to expand its geographical presence, diversify risks and continue to strengthen the position and leadership of Grupo Lamosa, which seeks further opportunities”.

The agreement is subject to the approval by the General Meeting of Shareholders of Grupo Lamosa, which will be held during the month of August.

Roca Group closed the 2020 financial year with a turnover of 1.68 billion euros, 9.5% less than in 2019 due to the context of the pandemic and the slowdown in the global economy. Despite this, Ebitda increased to 306 million, up 21%, while consolidated net profit stood at 60 million, representing a decrease of 12%.

Grupo Lamosa reported revenues of 1.06 billion dollars (last twelve months at the end of June 2021), with a 14% growth compared to the previous year. The purchase of Roca Group’s tile division enables Grupo Lamosa’s consolidated income to increase by approximately 20%, and the production capacity of the coatings business by 16%, reaching around 225 million square meters per year. With this investment, Lamosa is among the world’s top 3 manufacturers of ceramic tile.

About Roca Group

Roca Group is World leader in the design, production and marketing of bathroom products for architecture, construction and interior design. Founded in 1917, it combines tradition and knowledge with a passion for innovation and respect for the environment with the aim of meeting people’s needs and contributing to the improvement of society’s well-being.

With sustainability present in all its production processes and with the commitment to help preserve a better planet for future generations, Roca Group has implemented this philosophy in the 170 countries in which it operates and in its 85 factories, and transmits it daily to its more than 24,000 employees.

The family-owned group is the market leader in Europe, Latin America, India and Russia. It also has a strong presence in China and the rest of Asia, the Middle East, Australia and Africa. As a result, it is a world leader in its sector.

About Grupo Lamosa

Grupo Lamosa is a Mexican company with a relevant presence in the American Continent that focuses on the manufacture and commercialization of ceramic coatings and adhesives, with a history of more than 130 years in the construction materials industry.