Worldwide, the sanitary industry is facing challenges in attracting young talent to open positions. While there is an increasing demand for installers, the number of people pursuing this career path keeps declining. Grohe, one of the leading global brands for complete bathroom solutions and kitchen fittings, is addressing this issue by way of a twofold approach: Providing young professionals with the best possible training; and contributing to a change in the perception of the plumbing profession.

“Installers are the backbone of the sanitary industry. For us as one of the industry leaders, it is a matter of course to take action and encourage young skilled plumbing professionals to join our industry. We do not only need to equip trainees with the right skills, but we also need to get people excited about this profession. They can have a real impact on today’s and tomorrow’s society,” said Jonas Brennwald, leader LIXIL EMENA.

One building block in the brand’s efforts to counteract the shortage of skilled labor in the sanitary industry is the GIVE Program (Grohe Installer Vocational Training and Education). GIVE supports plumbing schools in creating a uniform approach, with modern equipment, training material and a written examination that sets new industry standards. In the UK, GIVE most recently was the headline sponsor to the debut Female Skills competition 2023 hosted by student installer magazine, HIP. The competition sought to encourage young female installers and to provide a platform for female students to showcase their skills.

“The great thing about GIVE is that students can benefit from our vast expertise. Even after they have completed their training, we will still assist them – with a work experience program at one of our industry partners or even with job placements,” said Chris Penney, leader GIVE Program LIXIL EMENA.

Joining Forces with WorldSkills

Another important step in nurturing the plumbing profession and increasing the pipeline of skilled workers is the partnership with WorldSkills International, a global platform to raise the profile and recognition of skilled people. Part of this collaboration is supporting the skills competition for Plumbing and Heating at WorldSkills Lyon 2024. In addition to promoting trades and training, the partnership focuses on raising awareness of the impact skilled professionals can have today and on a sustainable future. Together with the global skills community of industry, education and government partners, Grohe supports the improvement in the abilities, status and economic prospects of young people.

“Partnering with WorldSkills enables us to reach talents. Through competitions and promotional activities, we want to inspire them to develop a passion for skills and pursuing excellence,” said Timo Kurz, Leader GIVE Program and WorldSkills, LIXIL EMENA.