Grohe has relaunched its Eurosmart brassware portfolio to introduce a 2-in-1 hybrid tap with hygienic touchless control. Originally launched over 20 years ago, Eurosmart is a best seller for the company.

The new Eurosmart range features a contemporary design and loop lever, which makes it easy to use for those with limited or reduced dexterity and a hybrid variant with manual and touch-free operation.

“Eurosmart evolves with every generation, which is crucial if you want to bring meaningful products to the market. Our environment is constantly transforming, and we need to react to changing needs with new product solutions“, says Jonas Brennwald, Leader LIXIL EMENA.

“Right now, a global health crisis is forcing the world to rethink hygiene standards. Therefore, we have developed a hybrid version of Eurosmart, which combines hygiene-enhancing touchless and manual operation. Another example are the lever variants, which reflect the complexity of different living situations and the fact that every consumer has different requirements. Long levers simplify the daily work of doctors, while loop levers are perfect for children, the elderly and those with reduced or limited mobility. Eurosmart is the perfect proof that innovation is not limited to new lines. Innovating in a relevant way also means reinventing core products. Only these human-centric solutions enable us to create better homes.”

The Eurosmart hybrid means users can decide whether to use the manual lever or infra red sensor to reduce the risk of spreading germs and minimise cross-contamination.

All of the Eurosmart line is equipped with safe stop technology, which can limit the water temperature to reduce the risks of scalding. It also features EcoJoy technology which uses air injection to reduce water use but ensures a voluminous flow.

The Eurosmart brassware portfolio was launched on its GROHEX platform.