The BMA is creating a ripple with its #GetLavvySavvy campaign to encourage consumers to be more water-waste aware.

Tim Reynolds explains the reasoning behind the most recent campaign:

When we look to the future of product design everyone can agree on one thing, eco-aware consumers are demanding change. At the Bathroom Manufacturers Association, we know many of our members are delivering comprehensive portfolios of products to satisfy the need for energy and water-efficient bathrooms.  But with variable rates of replacement in the market, we must recognise engineering and smart technology alone will not deliver the net-zero world of tomorrow. We have a responsibility to address existing bathrooms and educate the public about other ways to save energy and water.

The scale of the problem nationally is significant, with around 5% of homes estimated to have water running down the pan in their WC, but the slight ripple in the water goes unnoticed and undetected in most homes.

To change the way we think about our loos, the #GetLavvySavvy campaign is showing people what to look out for. We are also encouraging yearly checks of seals and diaphragms. These are basic maintenance behaviours that should be common practice to ensure toilets perform perfectly and avoid leakage.

Of course, most of the toilets classed as problematic are no longer on the market and in time, home upgrades will help to stamp out the issue. But if we are serious about sustainability, we need to accept we have a part to play in solving the legacy matters in the nation’s homes.

The campaign has had the added benefit of providing a platform for the sector to speak with one voice, with key figures in the water, retail and installation sectors sharing the message.

Greening the nation’s homes is demanding a herculean effort and it is important to look for design solutions, but it would be remiss to focus exclusively on this. To find out more about the campaign visit

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