Have you ever planned to decorate a room in your house and ended up purchasing accessories and soft furnishings before you’ve even dealt with the painting or fitted the flooring? Despite these fundamentals parts of a room renovation taking priority, the things that often bring us most joy are the extra touches that amplify our personalities and tastes.

Bathroom accessories can often play a huge part in the success of a desired look or scheme. HiB is a firm believer that those finishing touches can make all the difference and they need to be considered right from the initial design stage.

From choosing the materials and finishes and how the items will complement the overall look, to how they’ll be used by each member of the household, decisions need to be made early on how accessories can be used to maximise the functionality and flair of the bathroom.

Options such as HiB’s Atto range are available in chrome, black and brushed brass finishes, offering versatility applicable to a range of trends. Pieces in the range can be matched with brassware and mirrors with the same finish, creating a consistent style throughout the space.

Shape and texture need to be considered too, as accessories are often the main touch points in a space, that we interact with every day. Choosing tactile options such as a grab bar with grip not only improve safety but can enhance the overall attention to detail.

Multigenerational accessories are a great option for families that have many age groups living under one roof. Products such as foldable Shower Seats with support leg can be a stylish but practical solution that aids mobility and access without imposing on the available space.

To see HiB’s complete range of accessories and get inspiration for your next bathroom design, visit https://www.hib.co.uk/product-category/products/bathroom-accessories/

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