With the trend for home entertaining on the rise, carving out the perfect areas for socialising, inside and outdoors, is made possible with the latest glass and glazing solutions from CRL.

Homeowners are increasingly investing in upgrades within the home that make the at-home wining and dining experience exceptional. From a space dedicated to wine storage to an all-weather outdoor seating area, the perfect internal and external home upgrades are made possible with CRL.

Internal upgrades may include the inclusion of bottle storage, the latest cooking technology and kitchen islands that double as a bar or dining area, while externally, there are changes afoot, too.

The glass, glazing and stone expertise of CRL was recently called upon by Glass and Mirror Technology, tasked with creating inside-outside socialising spaces, including a dedicated wine storage area indoors and a comfortable outdoor living area.

Specifying CRL fittings for a sleek and seamless look, a showpiece wine storage unit was created. Using a 10mm U channel and 10mm glass, coupled with the Geneva hinge in Matt Black and a Ladder pull-door handle, the unit was simple to install and has an understated elegance. Inside the wine storage unit, the back wall is clad in Umbra from CRL, a hard-wearing, stone-inspired surface that creates an air of luxury.

For the times when enjoying a glass or two of wine outdoors is on the menu, CRL solutions were also used to create an outdoor living space, complete with a kitchen and seating area. CRL SpigLite Pro provides an effective, easy-to-fit windbreak solution that enables water to pass under the glass.

Without a channel, there is a greater percentage of glass visible to maximise the view of the garden beyond the seating area. At the same time, the individual spigots allow for free-flow water drainage, making this system perfect for wet areas. Mechanised by a patented screw-clamp adjustment device, each individual panel of glass in the system can be horizontally adjusted once in position for accurate installation and flawless finish.

As the trend leans towards luxurious at-home socialising, CRL’s expertise ensures every aspect, from dedicated wine storage units to all-weather outdoor seating areas, exceeds expectations.

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