Duravit has published its sustainability report for 2020-22 with a stated objective to drive forward its ambitious climate mission to achieve a global climate-neutral operating basis by 2045.

Much of the report is geared toward the strict requirements of the internationally recognized Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

Climate-neutral manufacturing operations pose a considerable challenge for an energy-intensive company such as Duravit, especially given that Duravit seeks to balance profitability and its ambitious targets without relying on carbon offsetting.

The “climate mission” component of Duravit’s sustainability strategy is based on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It focuses on the four key areas of “water”, “climate”, “resources”, and “people”.
On its journey toward full climate neutrality, Duravit has already set numerous wheels in motion and has reached its first milestones. For example, construction is underway on the Canadian production facility, where the world’s first-ever ceramic furnace powered with 100 per cent green energy will commence operations in 2025.

A technical highlight that showcases Duravit’s innovative capacity is the sustainable mineral material DuroCast Nature, which has a reduced weight, is especially sparing in its use of resources and is also recyclable. Duravit published comprehensive information about the lifecycle climate impacts of the products from the DuroCast
(Plus and UltraResist) the product group in the newly created Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) approved by the Institut Bauen und Umwelt (IBU) (available for download at pro.duravit.com/greenlabels).

The full Duravit AG sustainability report can be downloaded from Sustainability at Duravit | Duravit

The report’s styling reflects its brand image, with its fresh focus and the statement “Upgrade your everyday”, and is accompanied by four key core values. With the “responsibility” category covering the self-imposed obligation to
attain the highest possible levels of sustainability across all commercial activities.

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