Today, we hear from Simon Hill, head of the product management group faucets and showers, Duravit AG as he talks about Duravit, the faucets sector and the trend factors that pique consumer interest.

Mr. Hill, you are responsible on the development side for the key area of faucets and showers at Duravit. What trends are you currently observing in the field of bathroom faucets?

Simon Hill: Our customers’ wishes for environment-friendly features have come very much to the fore in recent years. Beyond distinctive and individual design, this calls for smart, energy- and water-saving features – but without any compromises on performance and comfort. The strong demand for our sustainable FreshStart feature affirms this trend. With FreshStart, only cold-water flows when the handle of the washbasin mixer is in its central position, ensuring that the energy-intensive production of hot water is largely limited to situations in which it is actually required.

The MinusFlow feature, which reduces the flow rate by up to 40 per cent, also bears witness to customers’ growing appreciation of details which are kind on the environment while bringing real cash savings.

These sustainability credentials have been confirmed by independent bodies: The Duravit hand shower with the MinusFlow feature and a flow rate of only 9 l/min came top in a comparison test conducted by the German Stiftung Warentest consumer organization in 2023, for example[1].

Design is also a particularly important aspect, of course. The design variety offered by our broad range means that existing bathrooms can be upgraded and personalized with a minimum of effort. Special surface finishes are very much in vogue at present: Along with Chrome and Matt Black, metallic PVD finishes such as Bronze and Brushed Stainless Steel or Polished Gold are also in demand.  PVD surfaces are less sensitive to detergents and more scratch-resistant than other surfaces. This enables faucets, showers and accessories to retain their original appearance for many years.

What are the benefits of purchasing bathroom ceramics and faucets from a single source?

There is a clear trend towards ordering complete one-stop bathroom solutions whose designs and surfaces are perfectly matched throughout, from ceramics through faucets to accessories. Customers wish for a coherent design idiom across all products, which simultaneously leaves them a degree of scope for individualization.

Functionality is an equally crucial aspect of our all-in-one solution: Duravit has developed the Best Match Test to assess how washbasin mixers and ceramics interact. This ensures that the intensity and focus of the water jet are matched perfectly with the ceramics to avoid undesired splashing.

How important is the faucets segment within Duravit’s portfolio as a whole?

Faucets and showers have developed into an important mainstay of our overall portfolio. This segment fulfils Duravit’s ambitious aim of offering the most customer-oriented solutions possible in its role as a complete bathroom supplier. This is also reflected in the way business is developing in this area, with our latest product category showing substantial growth.

Where precisely is the distinctive design of Duravit bathroom faucets developed and what quality assurance measures are applied?

Design and development take place at the site in Hornberg, either in-house or in close collaboration with internationally renowned design firms. Examples here include Kurt Merki jr. for the C.1 faucets range, Philippe Starck for Tulum and Bertrand Lejoly for D-Neo – all winners of recognized design prizes such as the German Design Award, the IF Award or the Dot Award.

Duravit has assigned actual production to experienced international faucet and shower specialists. We carry out comprehensive inspections of incoming and outgoing goods and regular supplier audits to ensure that the manufacture and quality of all products always meet our high-quality standards. Before the sales launch, our faucets and showers undergo extensive endurance tests to ensure full functionality throughout their entire lifecycles. This results in products which play their part day in, day out in comfortable and convenient bathroom routines for our customers.


Pictured top Duravit Simon Hill

Pictured middle left: Duravit Tulum chrome

Middle middle: Duravit Tulum Black

Middle right: Duravit Shower System Shelf

Pictured Bottom : Duravit Finishes. Along with Chrome and Matt Black, metallic PVD finishes such as Bronze and Brushed Stainless Steel or Polished Gold are also in demand. (Image source: Duravit AG)

About Duravit AG

Founded in 1817 in Hornberg in the Black Forest, Duravit AG is today a leading international manufacturer of designer bathrooms and is active in more than 130 countries worldwide. The complete bathroom supplier’s product portfolio comprises top quality sanitary ceramics, bathroom furniture, bathtubs and shower trays, wellness systems, shower-toilets, faucets, and accessories as well as installation systems. Alongside its in-house design expertise, Duravit also works closely on product development with an international network of designers such as Cecilie Manz, Philippe Starck, Christian Werner, Sebastian Herkner, and Bertrand Lejoly as well as talented newcomers. Duravit’s ambition is to make its stakeholders’ lives a little better each day through a combination of forward-looking designs, uncompromising product excellence, a keen sense of human requirements, and responsible corporate management. A key measure in achieving these aims is the overriding mission to become a climate-neutral business by 2045 with no exceptions.

[1] Stiftung Warentest 4/2023 – rated “good” (1.9), in a comparison of 20 water-saving hand showers.