Vitrium from Duravit is a unique series that brings a splash of colour into the bathroom. It includes furniture such as vanity units, a tall cabinet and washbasins and can be combined with toilets and bathtubs from other series.

The colour concept, with its six nuances, is curated by Christian Werner, who was also responsible for the formal design of the Vitrium bathroom furniture and washbasins. There are six colours in total, which create presence without dominating the space and form a matt, warm contrast complementing wood, stone, concrete or matching tiled surfaces.

A splash of colour in the bathroom

Christian Werner’s design studio spent three months developing the final colour palette.  The designer, who enjoys working on a tactile and a visual level, created collages in his studio made from things that inspire him, including the living world and various colours. These helped him find a direction for the design. What value does a colour communicate? What impact does it have on furniture and washbasins? How does it work in the room? How does it match with Duravit’s brand identity?

“Colour also determines how we perceive a product. It’s an emotion because everyone responds to it differently. Multiple colours create a kind of colour resonance, something that ideally creates harmony. And colours for an interior should never be considered in isolation, but rather in the context of the entire space.”  

For Christian Werner it is important that the colours work on their own, and that they also harmoniously interact with each other. This means they can be used as an accent and to create an interior theme.

The final colour palette consists of three neutral shades; Light Gray Matt, Dark Gray Matt, and White Matt as well as the three rich shades Greenblue Matt, Parlour Blue Matt, and Cinnamon Matt. The products are ideal for architecture ranging from minimalist rooms right through to rustic country houses, they can create accents in a private bathroom, or make a statement in office, hotel and restaurant bathrooms.

Used alone as a focal point, the furniture and washbasins have the aesthetic effect of an artistic sculpture, and when used tone-on-tone they create a balance between harmony, tranquility and a bold statement. “The idea behind Vitrium is to help transform the bathroom into a favorite room,” summarized Christian Werner.

Furniture and washbasins: tone-on-tone

The design language of the objects is as clean and unfussy as the colour palette. The series takes its inspiration from fundamental geometric shapes such as a circle and cube. The minimalist console vanity unit can be combined with a round above-counter basin made from DuroCast UltraResist or a square washbasin, which guarantees that the washbasin and furniture work perfectly together, thanks to the c-shaped process developed by Duravit.

The storage furniture was also developed by Christian Werner for Duravit and is available as a mid-height cabinet and wall-mounted vanity unit in a range of widths, while the 1420mm unit is also available as a double washbasin. Its elegant design language makes it an ideal addition to the range of delicate (finer) washbasin.

The two surfaces – lacquered wood and the cast mineral material DuroCast UltraResist developed by Duravit – appear as one thanks to the advanced technical expertise deployed in their manufacture. The extra layer of lacquer lends the washbasins yet more outstanding material qualities: “The pleasant, velvety surface creates an extraordinarily tactile experience,” said Christian Werner, describing how the material feels to the touch. Additionally, the non-porous surface makes the units easy to clean and comparatively scratch and dirt resistant.

One colour – one family

In addition to the two round and rectangular washbasins, Duravit also supplies the DuraSquare bathtub and a wall-mounted toilet in the new colours. The DuraSquare free-standing bathtub, made from DuroCast Plus, with its rectangular external shape and precise edges is a perfect match. Its flowing interior contours create an aesthetic link to the round Vitrium washbasin.

The Millio toilet with matching toilet seat, designed by the Italian designer Antonio Bullo, not only reflects the colours, but is also available with two surface textures – a grooved and a patterned relief – in addition to the standard smooth version, offering even more choice.

It is made from two pieces that are seamlessly connected to one another: a ceramic toilet body and a panel made from DuroCast Smooth that is pleasantly tactile. The antibacterial glaze of the interior basin with the glossy white surface is extremely hygienic. After just six hours, 90% of bacteria (e.g. coli bacteria) are inhibited and after 24 hours 99.9% – an unprecedented level.

A special option is available for order quantities of 16 units and above. Ordered in such numbers, Millio can be manufactured in any colour, which is of particular interest to the commercial sector, for instance integrating the colour of a brand identity into a building concept.

The Tulum faucet range by Philippe Starck is a great accompaniment, with its geometric design language combining round and rectangular shapes.