What better place to entertain friends and family than in the sunlit hills of Spain’s idyllic coastline? This holiday villa is a Mediterranean sanctuary with enviable views of the sea and surrounding landscape. Natural light streams through every space, with large windows framing the picturesque scenery and bringing the coastline indoors.

The spacious bathrooms are central to the villa’s luxurious atmosphere, featuring Drummonds fittings throughout. Each of the seven spectacular bedrooms enjoys its own private en suite, showcasing the timeless craftsmanship of classic bathroom design.

Whilst the other six bedrooms burst with colour and texture, the master suite creates a calming atmosphere with subtle neutral hues. The unique stone, which resembles bamboo, was sourced in Belgium and needed delicate handling and installation. The result, however, was well worth it. The owners couldn’t be happier with the space they have created, “At night, with subtle lighting and candlelight, it creates a very calming and romantic feel.”