Unidrain’s pedal bin has won the German Design Awards 2024 in the category ‘Excellent Product Design’. The award was given for ‘outstanding design quality’, and as the jury says: ‘Those who beat out the high-calibre competitors have successfully proven that they are among the best’.

“We’re very pleased that our approach – combining a Danish Design aesthetic with innovative engineering – is being appreciated by experts in the industry.
“It’s not the first time, either. You may recall that our Reframe Collection has won the German Design Award before. For example, in 2019 the award was given to no less than two products in the series: the soap shelf and shower wiper set and the toilet brush.

“All this reaffirms us in our conviction that clean lines, careful thought and quality materials will always be a winning combination.” Comments marketing manager Kim Maretti.

Every detail surrounding the Reframe Pedal bin is concise and stylish. Its timeless, elegant, and simplistic aesthetic belies the carefully considered design solutions that have addressed specific practical challenges. With no external mechanics, clean lines surround the pedal bin, making it easy to clean and delightful to view.

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