Crown Paints has launched its Interior Colour Book, the second in its series of colour inspiration guides. The Colour Book is created by Crown’s team of colour specialists and pools this expertise to equip architects, designers and specifiers with the tools required to specify colour effectively across different sectors.

The Interior Colour Book follows the recent launch of Crown Paints COLOURKEY. a handy pocket-sized tool for specifiers that comes with a free-to-download app. COLOURKEY is a measuring & matching tool that calculates surface colour using advanced LED technology and finds the closest match using a database of over 6,000 colours on almost any surface. COLOURKEY will also give you suggested colour schemes to choose from.

The social impact of colour

Colour is key when it comes to creating accessible environments that cater for people with different needs, including dementia, autism and visual impairments. A leading objective of the book is to inform on how to use colour to create environments for everyone; thereby recognising the potential of colour to foster inclusivity.

Harnessing colour psychology

Crown Paints Colour Specialist, Jemma Saunders, comments: “Following positive feedback from the launch of our Exterior Colour Book in 2020, we’re delighted to offer a new interior guide that aims to inspire and inform specifiers, architects and designers. At Crown Paints we understand that interior design goes beyond simple colour palettes, so it is important to consider a multitude of factors, such as colour psychology and inclusivity.”

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