In the idyllic setting of Maabinhura Island, nestled amidst the crystalline waters of the Maldives, luxury meets functionality thanks to the installation of BAGNODESIGN products in its bathrooms.

Renowned for its pristine beaches and unparalleled natural beauty, Maabinhura Island has elevated its hospitality offerings by partnering with the brand BAGNODESIGN, a bathroom solutions company.

Guests stepping into the bathrooms of Maabinhura Island’s accommodation are greeted by a symphony of elegance and functionality. BAGNODESIGN’s meticulously crafted fixtures and fittings adorn the bathrooms, seamlessly blending opulence with practicality. From sleek brassware to stylish basin designs, every element exudes sophistication and quality.

A complete BAGNODESIGN bathroom supply, the bathrooms feature the elegantly shaped Corsair wall-mounted WCs, beautiful KOY bushed nickel mixers and showering, with matching sleek M-Line accessories. SANIPEX GROUP’s AQUAECO shower drains complete the bathrooms, along with custom countertop washbasins.

The choice of BAGNODESIGN products reflects the island’s commitment to providing an exceptional guest experience. Whether rinsing off the saltwater after a day of diving or indulging in a rejuvenating shower before a romantic dinner on the beach, the bathrooms offer a sanctuary of comfort and luxury.