Taking the theme “Natural Union”, Bryan Adams photographed Kaldewei’s new collection of Steel Enamel Washbasins.

Through these images, the legendary rockstar and photographer Bryan Adams displays the importance of maintaining relationships combined with the increased need for hygiene awareness in these controversial times. Adams takes an intimate look at togetherness exclusively for KALDEWEI: with his unique perspective he show that following simple hygiene routines we can come together and join hands—with our family, our friends, our partners.

This unique collaboration between Bryan Adams and Kaldewei evolved into the project “Natural Union”. With his empathetic and professional vision, Adams photographed the 2021 washbasin collection; the charismatic images are emotionally charged with a strong message.

At first stance “Natural Union” may seem at odds with the commandment of the hour for social distancing. But if we take our responsibility towards each other and our environment seriously, we can see we are closer than ever. We are all naturally connected and have a responsibility to look after each other and our planet – everyday actions such as washing your hands have never been more important,” says the photographer, highlighting the concept behind the campaign.

In late August, six people of different gender, ages and backgrounds came together in a Berlin photo studio. Photographed under running water, these distinctive hands old, young, male and female touched. This creates a
seamless link to Kaldewei; the company uses natural components to produce steel enamel products which make every surface unique.

The Ming and Miena Steel Enamel Washbasins Ming is the embodiment of subtle sophistication. The convex lines form an elegant silhouette, whist the classic black-and-white colour range acts as a perfect setting for creative design. Whether for the minimalist bathroom or more imaginative spaces—the classic grace of the new Ming washbasins allows for personal creativity; making the bathroom a retreat which sparks joy. Ming comes in four different variations: matte lava black, classic lava black, matte alpine white and classic alpine white.

Miena invigorates the bathroom with a totally new colour palette of blue and violet hues. The elegant design allows for experimentation with colours, the ability to make the bathroom a place of quiet calm or one that feels as cosy as a living room.

The steel enamel makes the colourful washbasins an easy-to-care and durable gem that even constant use can’t dull. The new editions of Miena with their playful yet stylish colour contrast accentuate the washing area and revive the bathroom. Miena is available in „Soft Touch” mint, „Sweet Love“ pink, „Deep Dream“ petrol, „Navy-blue“ matte and 13 more colours.

The Photographer Bryan Adams

Apart from his musical work, Bryan Adams is an award-winning photographer with a nuanced eye. His photos are often taken within his philanthropic causes.

His photographic work has won him multiple accolades and has been exhibited at Somerset House, Photokina, Kunsthalle Mainz and NRW Forum Düsseldorf.

Adams has been tirelessness in standing up for people in need all over the world.

Vryan Adams shoots for kaldewei

Steel and Glass Turn into Steel Enamel
Steel and glass are two authentic, natural materials each possessing unique properties that have been valued for millennia. When joined they blend into an immaculate fusion of steel enamel. Kaldewei products are 100 per cent Made in Germany and are the epitome of exceptional design. For generations, Kaldewei’s unique enamel formula has been a well-kept secret. Applied onto steel, a pristinely beautiful, durable, hygienic surface evolves. Steel enamel is 100 per cent recyclable and one of the most sustainable materials in the bathroom.

KALDEWEI is a German family business that has been producing steel enamel for 100 years; now in the fourth generation. The portfolio includes bath tubs, shower surfaces, washbasins and installation systems for individual clients and project businesses. Superior bathroom solutions made of KALDEWEI steel enamel can be recycled entirely at the end of their life cycle. That is KALDEWEI’s contribution to environment-friendly construction. As a long-term partner, KALDEWEI is supporting the WWF marine conservation programme that is devoted to reducing plastic waste in our oceans—out of responsibility for the environment and future generations.