New BetteBalance washbasins offer range of installation options – with four variants of one slender bowl design.

As a material for washbasins, glazed titanium steel offers significant advantages in terms of resilience and ease of cleaning. It also allows the creation of extremely slender, but durable products, with defined edges and almost weightless lightness in design. With BetteBalance, Bette is introducing four new bowl washbasins made of this material, which is as robust as it is elegant. With them, different areas of use and styles can be realised in one design language.

Developed for Bette by Tesseraux & Partner, there are four built-in and surface-mounted variants of BetteBalance. All have an ergonomically optimised, circular inner body with a diameter of 395mm, with the interior optimised both in terms of visual appeal and to minimise the splashing of water.

The undermounted and built-in washbasins are the classics for installation in bathroom furniture, with the slender rim created in only the thickness of the material itself. A cylindrical countertop washbasin and a washbasin bowl complete the range. This system of creating four variants from one bowl shape reduces manufacturing costs – and means the washbasins can be priced competitively compared to other materials.

The BetteBalance bowl basins are available in four styles and in numerous colours, including matt colours and sparkling effect colours.

The central waste outlet with enamelled cover, echoes the large waste outlet of the successful BetteAir shower tray.  To create a flawless, easy-care surface, the basins do not have an overflow hole, with the waste remaining open, although covered, at all times.

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