Tom Reynolds, chief executive of the Bathroom Manufacturers Association (BMA), recently hosted a discussion at Kbb Birmingham on emerging bathroom trends where timeless design reigns supreme; here are his most notable insights.

I’ve had the pleasure of gathering pearls of wisdom from some of the brightest minds in the industry recently at the kbb Birmingham show. The BMA hosted several riveting discussions, one of which was on emerging trends in bathroom design. Among the luminaries gracing our stage were Hayley Robson of Day True, Nigel Palmer of House of Rohl, and Sofia Charalambous of Origins Living. Together, we explored the exciting transformation of bathrooms into multifunctional living spaces where boundaries blur and creativity thrives.

One prevailing theme that emerged from our discourse is the dissolution of traditional barriers between the bathroom, bedroom, and in some cases, the dressing room. Gone are the days of compartmentalisation; today’s bathrooms are seamlessly integrated into the living space, fostering a harmonious flow throughout the home.

Materiality took centre stage in our conversation, with a resounding call for natural, authentic, and honest materials. In an age where authenticity reigns supreme, there’s a growing appetite for tactile experiences and a return to the roots of design. From rich woods to luscious marbles, the allure of raw materials adds depth and character to any bathroom space.

But it’s not just about individual materials; it’s the artful blend of textures and finishes that truly elevates a design. Matte surfaces are having a moment, exuding understated elegance and inviting touch. And let’s not forget the changing landscape of brassware – warm bronzes and sultry gunmetals are stealing the spotlight, injecting warmth and personality into every corner.

Yet amidst all these trends, one timeless message resonated above all: the importance of rethinking the traditional bathroom mindset. Functionality, form, and design remain paramount, but personalisation is the new frontier. Embracing timeless design means investing in quality – buying once and buying better for enduring durability. This call for high quality makes sense when a bathroom renovation will generally take place once every 10 years or so. Buy better, buy once was definitely the clarion call.

In essence, it’s about crafting a space that transcends trends and reflects the unique essence of its inhabitants. Whether it’s a sleek urban oasis or a rustic retreat, the key lies in infusing your personality and functional requirements into every facet of the design.

Good designers know how to embrace the fluidity of design, celebrate the tactile beauty of materials, and, above all, create spaces that stand the test of time. The marriage of their skills and high-quality products from reputable manufacturers will be the key to lasting design.

If you’d like to watch the discussion, Day True kindly recorded the session, which is available on their YouTube channel: Emerging Bathroom Trends for 2024 Talk at KBB Birmingham.