ARCHITECT@WORK has announced the upcoming London edition (20 – 21 March 2024), showcasing more than 200 curated product innovations.

With each offering rigorously vetted by a dedicated team of architects, this event presents an opportunity for the London architecture and design community to stay abreast of the latest developments. Renowned internationally as the premier showcase for the architectural trade, attendees (register now) can immerse themselves in the cutting-edge innovations set to debut at the show.

Please see below some of the innovations that will be presented at ARCHITECT@WORK London 2024:


Pictured top – the ingenious dual-function over-head shower brace not only keeps the panel secure, it also seamlessly delivers water to the centrally mounted deluge, making the EauZone Arch Wet Room Panel a perfect symphony of aesthetics and engineering. This fusion of practicality and stylish sophistication means this newest member of the Matki family creates a focal point that lends a spa-like ambience to your home. The minimal framing adds a graceful accent, creating a feeling of space and freedom within the shower area.


The Past Forward collection is a tribute to 50 years of modular carpet tile innovation, combining iconic designs from the past with contemporary performance. Featuring 14 products with a bold design and colour palette, Past Forward reimagines nostalgic motifs, seamlessly blending retro charm with modern aesthetics. From ornate rococo and renaissance visuals to retro patterns with scribbles and geometrics, vintage-inspired patchwork styles, and traditional Turkish motifs, the collection offers a diverse range of traditional, vintage, and retro designs.


With its luxurious gold and bronze tones, Satin Brass creates an atmosphere of elegance and warmth. The matt surface provides a subtle yet impressive presence and adds a special touch to any room. Modern shapes combined with a brushed, satin brass look give Karcher Design products a new expression of class and style. The timeless design is a real eye-catcher and sets elegant accents in any room.


An extra-matt light brown Ecostrong lacquer, the Noisette finish gives a particularly elegant brushed effect. Its light brown colour is inspired by the wood floors of yesteryear, while at the same time highlighting the uniqueness of the wood. Panaget has succeeded in developing this new lacquered finish that has all the advantages of lacquer, such as easier maintenance, with the appearance of an oiled floor. The finish also offers ​ a matt, contemporary shade that enhances and sublimates the material.


By introducing this new product line to its collection, Sotexpro aims to keep all current benefits of its textile, especially the control of the full production process, inside its French facilities, the French properties of its base fabrics, and a low environmental impact. So from the weaving up to the lamination backing, Sotexpro ensures a fully integrated production while offering texture and warmth to the interior furnishing.


Coriandoli is a fully customisable mosaic programme made from more than 95% recycled glass. The wide range of colours – over 120 standard shades – and the wide range of shapes and finishes make it interesting for completely new projects, both in colour-block or in multicoloured geometric decorations inspired by vintage patterns. The collection is made entirely from glass scraps, mixed with the pigment, pressed into moulds, and fired in the kiln at high temperatures. The material is characterised by very high mechanical properties that allow it to be used on both walls and floors, both indoors and outdoors, including areas with intense foot traffic.


Designed to subtly absorb ambient noise, Tapis Soft, a multifunctional light, gracefully leans against the wall like a gentle wave. Ideal for busy areas like receptions, it comes in four shapes and three colors, offering versatility by also functioning as a stylish overhead light.

Alongside the exceptional exhibitors, ARCHITECT@WORK’s talks programme remains a highlight of the event. For the 2024 edition, the theme “People + Planet: Designing from the Ground Up” promises captivating discussions, inviting exploration of cutting-edge topics such as biophilia, neurodiversity, wellness and embodied carbon. Additionally, attendees can anticipate insights into innovative applications of materials including timber and natural stone.

Please click here to view the full list of exhibitors at the London edition of ARCHITECT@WORK 2024. For visitor passes, please click here to register.