Houzz has uncovered the latest emerging trends in home design, drawing insights from a diverse community of UK homeowners, design enthusiasts, and professionals. These trends highlight a growing preference for integrating wellness features and soothing green tones to instil tranquillity at home. Additionally, there’s a noticeable trend towards expanding living spaces into the garden and incorporating elements of rustic charm. There is also a rising interest in designing dedicated spaces for leisure activities catering to adults and children alike.

Wellness Retreats 

Wellness continues to surface in trending searches on Houzz, with “yoga room,” “sauna”, and “home gym” all rising in the first quarter of the year compared with Q1 2023. Homeowners are also enlisting professionals on Houzz to create spa-like oases, with searches increasing for “indoor swimming pool” and “spa bathroom.”

Going Green

We’re also seeing interest in incorporating nature throughout the home. According to the 2024 Houzz UK Kitchen Trends Report, 1 in 6 renovating homeowners chose green cabinetry (16%), so it’s unsurprising that searches for “green kitchens” increased by nearly 1.5x. Searches for the colour green also climbed for living rooms, bathroom tiles, bathrooms and walls, compared with the same period in 2023.


Garden Structures

Homeowners are increasingly focused on maximising and enhancing their gardens, as indicated by a nearly 2x increase in searches for “raised beds” and “greenhouses”. The trend towards outdoor living is also evident in the growing popularity of “outdoor kitchens”, reflecting a desire to cook and entertain outside. Another notable trend is the rise in searches for “granny annexes, ” which facilitate multigenerational living by providing additional living space separate from the main house, often built within the garden area.

Impressionable Thresholds

A notable shift towards enhancing home entrances is evident in a 65% year-over-year increase in searches. Homeowners are focusing on creating impactful first impressions, with rising interest in terms like “hall”, “hallway storage”, and “Victorian entrance hallway” compared to previous years. Additionally, a growing emphasis on kerb appeal is reflected in increased searches for “bungalow front porch” and “front porch”. These trends underscore heightened attention to home entrances’ aesthetic and functional aspects.

Rustic Farmhouse Style

The rustic farmhouse design trend reflects a strong desire to incorporate countryside charm into modern homes. Searches for “roses” have surged nearly 6x, while interest in “country cottage gardens” has nearly doubled year-over-year, indicating a growing enthusiasm for creating picturesque outdoor settings this summer. Inside the home, “country cottage interiors” are gaining prominence, with searches for this term increasing by almost half. Additionally, there’s a rising interest in features like “walk-in pantries” and “farmhouse bathrooms”, which evoke the tranquillity and comfort associated with rural living.

Leisure Spaces

Interest in creating dedicated leisure spaces within homes is rising as homeowners seek cosy areas for reading or solitary relaxation, with searches for “reading nooks” nearly doubling. There’s also growing interest in entertainment-focused spaces, with searches for “music room” and “media wall units” increasing by nearly 1.5x. Home cinemas have seen an 11% year-over-year uptick, indicating a preference for spaces dedicated to enjoying music and television or film.

Indoor recreational areas are also gaining popularity, with searches for “game room” and “family room” rising by 29% and 23%, respectively. These trends highlight a growing desire among homeowners to create functional and enjoyable spaces tailored to their leisure activities within their homes.

Youthful Havens

Homeowners are prioritising spaces where kids can express their personality and feel a sense of ownership within the home, according to trending search data. Searches for “teenage girl bedroom”, “teenage boy bedroom”, “teen room”, and “kids room” have all experienced significant traffic increases compared to the previous year. This surge reflects parents’ desire to find inspiration on Houzz for creating environments that cater to their children’s evolving needs and preferences.

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*Source: Data reflects year-over-year growth in UK-based searches on Houzz from January-March 2024 versus January-March 2023. Read the complete report here.

Picture Credit_ Oakwrights © Guildford Photographer