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Sottini Q&A


Following a sustained period of growth, Sottini – the Italian-inspired bathroom brand known for its crafted luxury products – has bolstered its retail team with two new Regional Sales Managers covering the breadth of the UK. Recently, Diane Larner caught up with Matt Bell and Gary Major to find out how they intend to enhance the growing reputation of the brand.

Q: You’ve both started at the same time. Matt, you’re looking after the north of the UK, and Gary, you’re responsible for the south. How are you engaging with retailers in your new roles?

Gary: For me, it’s about providing guidance and direction to help drive growth and profitability for our retail partners. I like to be on the ground, helping retailers find the right tools to address the pressures they face on a daily basis. Having owned my own retail bathroom and kitchen showroom, I am very aware of what our customers require from brands like Sottini. I am here to help and support them in maximising the opportunities that Sottini is able to provide. We don’t just give retailers mid to high-end market-leading designs, we also offer support packages that include an unparalleled commercial offering.

Matt: I agree. Today’s retailers have different needs, and a large part of our role is getting that face-to-face time with our showroom partners so we can assure them that we’re putting their individual needs at the heart of our new strategy. Like Gary, I’m out on the road, building relationships with current Sottini partners, bringing new partners into the Sottini family, and offering the very best packages for them.

Q: The market is driven by consumer demand. What retail trends are you both noticing at the moment?

Gary: Today’s consumers view their bathrooms as aspirational spaces, which is where Sottini’s product range fits perfectly into the modern home with new contemporary designs produced with our Diamatec® technology, making them not only stronger but also thinner. Sottini’s latest collection of Ellero basins reflect this trend, offering elegant shapes with soft square designs that fit any bathroom.

Matt: Dependability and reliability are so important. Consumers expect longevity from their bathrooms, especially when they’re investing in more high-end products. Bathroom products that are flawed will shatter the illusion of peace and calm in the bathroom. The ceramic finish on Sottini products is market-leading and Diamatec® means we can build basins to be stronger than ever before. This, incorporated with our award-winning Aquablade® WC technology, ensures a more efficient bathroom.

Gary: Lighting and technology are becoming increasingly prioritised by consumers. We already have some beautiful lighting features in our Turano vanity unit products with sensor operation, but we are looking to extend this further and develop more solutions that incorporate this trend in the future

Where do you see Sottini developing in the next couple of years?

Matt: We’re going from strength to strength at the moment. In my opinion, this is because our offering ticks all the right boxes for retailers of all types and sizes. I see our partner network continuing to grow quickly as we create more momentum across the industry. I think over the next two years, you’ll see Sottini’s partners benefiting from being part of a huge force in the mid-to-high-end bathroom market.

Gary: Our new showroom on Clerkenwell Road in London’s design district is one indicator of the positive direction we’re heading as a brand. It’s a beautiful space in a fantastic, renowned location. Within this non-transactional site, we will be promoting the brand to designers and specifiers, while also stimulating demand for our products with Sottini partners and consumers.

Q: What’s the strategy behind this growth?

Matt: It’s about raising knowledge and awareness of our brand but also offering retailers specific recommendations for their showrooms. Our partners have been very forthcoming and open to the advice we offer. Our strategy is focused on giving retailers geographic protection, as well as industry-leading partnership packages.                                                                                               

I’ll be working to enhance the growing reputation of Sottini by continually looking at our retail strategy to ensure we are adding great value to our retail partners’ product offering. This is exactly what I would have wanted from a supplier.

Gary: From a retail perspective, we don’t just focus on the products – we have a holistic approach with a full support structure, from designing the showroom, to training retailers on how to sell our solutions. We give our retail partners an opportunity to work with an aspirational brand that will guarantee return on investment.

Q: What Sottini products are you currently promoting?

Matt: Fusaro and Ellero are key focuses for us. They are our newest ranges and have already enjoyed success in the market. Fusaro is an inspirational collection which presents retailers and customers with infinite possibilities. It’s a range of 40 washbasins and toilets which feature softer angles, finer edges, and contemporary curves.  Whereas Ellero, as we’ve already mentioned, features 3 extraordinary looking ceramic basins, which stand out in any washroom.

Gary: As well as the ranges Matt highlighted, I’m currently focusing on the core products that Sottini offers. These includes our wide range of vanity units and furniture which bring high-end design and features priced at accessible retail price points. They are on trend and future-proof. Additionally, we’re promoting our WC range as they epitomise durability and elegance with innovative Aquablade technology. This makes them water-efficient, hygienic and fashionable solutions, made up of various shapes and sizes to suit any application.

So, what are your favourite products offered by Sottini?

Gary: I would have to say our Aquablade WC ranges, as they offer all the advantages of rimless styling but with a market-leading hygienic solution. Also, our freestanding baths have a superb design and are competitively priced, making them worthy of a prominent place in our partners’ showrooms.

Matt: I don’t have a favourite product, but I do have a favourite bathroom combination. The Mavone vanity unit, coupled with a Fusaro basin has a great finish. I love how our products are so versatile and can be used interchangeably with a range of different furniture. At the same time, the Vara and Piomba freestanding baths are beautifully designed.

What packages are you offering retailers?

Matt: We have three types of supplier relationship available for our retail partners to take advantage of. These are Famiglia, Compagno and Amico (Family, Partner and Friend respectively) – each of which offer different levels of dedicated support depending on the requirements of the retailer.

Gary: We’d love to discuss these options with anyone who’s interested, just get in touch by sending an email to

Pictured Right: Gary Major Pictured Left: Matt Bell

View from the top

Mark Crabtree On The Level

Mark Crabtree from On The Level tells us what motivates him and why 3D printing excites him...

BR: How long have you worked in the bathroom industry?

Personally I’ve been involved with On The Level for the last 15 years, but the company has been going since 1999 meaning we are fast approaching our 20 year anniversary.

BR: What are the key USP’s offered by your company?

 On The Level prides itself on being able to fix problems, and we often succeed where other companies have failed. We are also proud to be an advice-giving company, so we are always happy to answer questions from past, current and future customers.

BR: What new manufacturing technologies excite you?

With so many advances in technology, there’s always something new on the market. Right now though, we are however, excited by the thought of 3D printing.

BR: What challenges do you foresee for the industry over the next 12-24 months?

How the housing market goes can have a direct impact on a variety of industries, the housing market is very buoyant and interest rates have just gone up for the first time in a while. When we are lucky enough to build a good relationship with a housing developer, we are generally well looked after.

BR: Which industrial designer do you admire the most and why? (Living or departed)

Sir Terence Conran

BR: Where do you think the industry most needs to improve?

In adhering to mandatory legislations. While CE marking has been a legal requirement since July 2013, it’s horrifying to see the lack of knowledge and apathy to what is a legal requirement – not an optional choice.

BR: Online has certainly changed the market, what key benefits have you seen?

The internet provides the ability to launch and promote a product instantly with as much or as little details as the end user wants.

BR: What advice would you give a new starter in the industry today?

Whilst experience is useful - product knowledge is essential.

BR: What motivates you most in your work?

Leading a successful, happy and fun team and constantly developing new products, new markets and the Brand.

BR: If you could choose a super-power what would it be & why?

I have got super powers, but I cannot disclose them!


Design Talk

Barbara Novellini

Bathroom Review’s Editor Diane Larner recently visited the Novellini factory in Italy and was impressed to discover sustainability is a key consideration for the Mantova based company.  Barbara Novellini told us “People are very important to us, but we also want to concentrate on our planet. It’s a key focus for us everyday.” 

BR: Why is sustainability so important for Novellini?
BN: Because we want to make the difference, the difference compared to our competitors, the difference to the planet and to people, and mainly to the new generation. We really consider sustainability is one of the most important competitive advantages we have in our hands.

BR: What initiatives have you introduced as a company and how do you implement this on a daily basis?
BN: We started investing in new green technologies twenty years ago.  Environmental sustainability has always been the hallmark of Novellini's vision and represents the foundation on which we base our business model, for example, PVD TECHNOLOGY (physical vapour deposition) is used by Novellini for the eco-friendly metallization of aluminium and plastic parts. Our commitment never stops.
BR: What challenges do you foresee for the industry over the next 12-24 months?
BN: The real challenge will be to transmit to our customers and to the end consumer the green vision and its advantages, as well as to obtain more commitment from the market regarding sustainability. Today our biggest frustration is companies that do not deliver smart and green choices to the market.
BR: Where do you think the manufacturing industry most needs to improve?
BN: I think the industry needs to challenge its supply chain to make sure its processes are green wherever possible, from raw materials to final packaging.
BR: What motivates you most in your work?
BN: The improvement and the satisfaction of our people, because I’m 100% sure that when we have a motivated and well-prepared team, this in turn means more customer satisfaction and better results.
BR: What are the key USP’s offered by your company?
BN: I strongly believe our USP's are our family values of passion, commitment, innovation and creativity. In addition, the fact our products are made in Italy, and our relentless attention to customer’s needs are also key success factors.
BR: What have been your highlights in business over the past year?
BN: We had a hugely successful show at the ISH exhibition at Frankfurt 2019. Novellini is now reaching its UK aim, which is to be associated with other leading bathroom brands. We have always been recognised as a reliable Italian manufacturing company, both in our Italian headquarters in Italy and abroad. It's an exciting time to be at Novellini.
BR: What new trends can we expect to see in the next year?
BN: Concerning our collection, much news is expected in 2020: New profile shapes with new functionality in shower enclosures, new colours and textures in furniture. Also, some very important news in our bath collection is expected but I can’t reveal this news yet, so…… stay tuned!
BR: How do you define success? What challenges you to succeed?
BN: To be a better person tomorrow than I was yesterday! The challenge for me is always to achieve this goal individually and with my team. I also believe it's important to uphold my personal values that, as you can imagine, are not so different from our company values.