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In this feature, we consider some of the options available to architects and designers, from crafty solutions that hide the accessories we would rather not see, to designs that add finesse to future-proofing.

Alternative endings

Bathroom accessories Ritmonio Elementa

Planning accessories early on in the project is a safe way to ensure design clarity and continuity; however, this is not always foolproof, as change is inevitable in design evolution. Even the firmest of resolutions are subject to revision, which will impact each aspect, from surfaces to accessories. Selecting a range with a variety of finishes is one way to ensure leeway at any stage of the game.

Bathroom Accessories HiB Atto range
HiB Atto Range

Ash Chilver, sales director at HiB, agrees: “Perhaps the most notable development of bathroom accessories over the years is the rise in popularity of alternative finishes. Though still a staple choice, chrome is no longer the only option and many designers and consumers are opting for alternatives such as black and brushed metals to enhance their overall look. This trend is set to continue with further options currently being developed.”

Options such as HiB’s Atto range are available in chrome, black and brushed brass finishes, offering versatility applicable to various trends. Pieces in the range can be matched with brassware and mirrors with the same finish, creating a consistent style throughout the space.

Ritmonio’s ELEMENTA collection (pictured very top and above) has also been created to deliver a ‘made-to-measure’ approach for design flexibility. Available in 19 finishes and various materials, including stainless steel and acrylic stone, the clean design means individual elements can be combined to create unique compositions for countless types of accessories.

Geo style

Scavolini Jemoetrica collection

Selecting products that will outlive current trends is key to creating design with longevity. Accessories that stand the test of time may be considered in terms of shape and colour. One option is to build in geometric styling; this centuries-old style plays well with a wide range of surroundings delivering elegance and flair.

James Sketch, country manager of KEUCO UK agrees: “Now more than ever before project managers and specifiers are looking for elements that have a practical aspect, and a design style that will last, and ensures the bathroom maintains a contemporary look for many years to come.”

Scavolini’s Jemoetrica collection (pictured above) is a perfect example of this. Created in collaboration with world-renowned designer Luca Nichetto it is heavily influenced by three iconic 20th-century designs: Ellsworth Kelly’s Sculpture for a Large Wall, Gio Ponti’s multifunctional wall units and Donald Judd’s three-dimensional structures. The wall panel accommodates a series of holes onto which shelves, containers and small accessories can be attached and moved as required. 

Another alternative is KEUCO’s REVA accessories series; the collection has been crafted as a clear geometric shape – ideal for various styles and living environments, regardless of fashion trends.

Attention to detail

Bathroom Accessories
KEUCO REVA Shower Shelf

However necessary (and beautifully designed) accessories are, they must work hard to look good. Creating clean lines and an uncluttered feel can be difficult once you add shelving and accompaniments.

One way to combat this is to build in recesses or to include accessories that hide away. A squeegee will always be a little awkward, yet, KEUCO’s shower shelf (pictured above) has a hidden extra that remedies the problem – a glass squeegee is invisibly integrated into the design, a detail that is both creative and practical. 

Unidrain’s REFRAME collection is also packed full of cleverly engineered designs. It has been created with keen attention to detail to guarantee the ultimate user experience. For example, the newly launched soap dispenser has a robust construction with a non-slip base which keeps it upright and stable, but the most noble design feature is the angled nozzle.  This has been crafted to dispense a specifically measured quantity of soap and due to the angle, the soap lands in your hand and not on the washbasin.

The comprehensive collection includes a towel bar, hooks, toilet roll holder and more.

Bathroom Accessories
Unidrain REFRAME Collection

The power of touch

Bathroom accessories are, by default, hands-on, and we know haptics play a significant role in our sense of well-being. This makes shape and texture a key consideration when planning accessories and is especially pertinent to future-proofing or accessible design; for example, a supportive, comfortable grab rail will deliver a heightened sense of safety.

HiB’s multigenerational accessories are an excellent option for families with many age groups living under one roof. Careful planning early on in the project is key when building an accessible design; products such as foldable shower seats can be a stylish but practical solution that aids mobility and access without imposing on the available space.

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