Hewi’s new washbasin concept features a concealed handle edge and a slimmer profile that enables integration.of an adaptive retaining handle, which also serves as a towel rail, and a modular storage system situated directly on the washbasin. The washbasins provide safety and ensure that all bathroom utensils such as soap dispensers, beakers and the like are always within easy reach. Depending on the necessity, the washbasin adapts to the altered individual needs. It can be quickly and easily expanded or dismantled with practical shelves and utensils.  


Soap dispenser, beaker and basket

HEWI has launched a new matching dispenser system for the System 900 range. The robust dispensers are available in a choice of finishes such as powder-coated in black, shades of grey and white, as well as stainless steel models.

Designed to be hardy and durable they are perfect for highly frequented sanitary spaces. A lock with a key offers protection against misuse. The majority of the dispensers is not only available in a manual but also in a Sensoric version. From soap and disinfectant to paper towel dispensers and waste bins (as well as hygiene combinations in various sizes) HEWI delivers a  complementary functional range that also meets the most discerning design standards. 

Profiles, storage, hooks & grab bar

Profile, hooks and shelves made of stainless steel with powder coating are also available in deep mat black (RAL 9005), deep mat white (RAL 9003), deep mat light grey pearl mica and deep mat dark grey pearl mica.

The storage system contains six versions in two sizes, which can be hooked into the profile according to individual requirements. The hooks can be attached to the side of the profiles under the washbasin for easy access to hand towels or items of clothing. The powder-coated stainless steel adaptive grab bar enables symmetrical gripping thanks to its round tube design. 

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