HEWI creates aspirational accessible shower spaces with built-in anti-bacterial protection and works with clients to overcome any design challenges they may have. Plans will ensure the final space is functional and compliant with current British or International standards.

During the COVID lockdown HEWI worked with an increasing number of clients keen to future proof shower spaces with the HEWI active plus range. These products have been developed to have an antimicrobial effect, microsilver is used, which has broad effectiveness against bacteria and fungi. The Microsilver discharges silver ions, which inhibit the growth of bacteria and other unwanted germs and therefore minimises the risk of infection for humans. Within 24 hours unwanted germs on the surface of the products are reduced continuously so that during this period 99.9 % of the germs are reduced.

In addition to the obvious hygiene implications of COVID, HEWI also helps clients look at the overall compliance of their accessible shower space. For some, this might be the first time that they had a need or opportunity to consider compliance and many are surprised to find areas in which they are lacking. In these instances, HEWI is hand to help adapt and create spaces that are attractive while adhering to all legal requirements. HEWI’s S900 range is the perfect selection of products to best achieve those aims. From the high quality and diverse finishes to the fixed and removable functionality, HEW’s clients are able to fulfil their design briefs which reflected their brand identity.

HEWI is constantly developing new lines of products that challenge the traditional ideas of inclusive accessible design. Whether the building is a hotel, a student accommodation project, a serviced apartment, a health care facility, or retirement home, HEWI helps design solutions to create contemporary inclusive environments. 

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