Bette’s new Red Dot award-winning basin and luxurious circular bath made their UK debut at Sleep & Eat. The company also demonstrated the durability of its glazed titanium-steel material with ‘Endurance Tests’ featuring fire and nail varnish, as well as artists creating a ‘Skyline of London’ design in the new Bette bath, using permanent markers that could actually be removed easily.

The circular BetteCraft basin gained a Red Dot Award 2019 for product design and was shown in some of the hundreds of colours available. Also making an impact on the stand was the new BettePond Silhouette freestanding bath. The spacious 150cm diameter bath is the first circular bath to be created in glazed titanium-steel and takes the form to new levels of luxury and elegance. 

Bette is also known for its innovative glazed titanium-steel shower trays, and the display included a BetteFloor, which can be installed flush to the floor and is available with Bette’s almost invisible Anti-slip Pro option.

Bette’s baths, basins and shower trays/floors are made of glazed titanium-steel, are highly durable, easy to clean and come with a thirty year warranty. They are available in an extensive range of colours, including matt and gloss options. Bespoke colours can be created, along with bespoke sized products to fit a space perfectly. 

Bette gave live ‘Endurance Test’ demonstrations to show the durability of its products, encouraging visitors to draw on the glazed titanium-steel with a permanent marker and nail varnish,  hit it with a shower head and then watch, as nail varnish remover was set alight on the surface. 

In addition, two artists created a ‘Skyline of London’ design inside the bath using permanent markers, which can be easily removed from the glazed, easy-clean surface.

Bette baths, shower trays and washbasins are made from entirely natural materials and are 100% recyclable. 

For more information see or telephone 0844 800 0547. 

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