Kaldewei tell us as a brand with a strong ethical and ecological conscience, and a pioneer in the field of sustainability it continues to search for ways to improve and expand its offering.  We take a look at how the sanitaryware and shower tray manufacturer successfully builds Luxability into its collections.

Bluemint steel

As of last year, Kaldewei use Bluemint steel, to manufacture its sanitaryware which reduces its carbon output by 70 percent.  The change in the manufacturing process does not alter the quality of its products as Kaldewei still produces luxurious, sustainable bathroom solutions; which has coined the term Luxtainable – a perfect example of how the highest standards of sustainability, quality and aesthetics can merge flawlessly into exciting and desirable products.

Sustainable design

Sustainability is a key to Kaldewei, but elegant design and trendsetting style are equally as significant.  Colour is an important feature in the bathroom and as such Kaldewei offer a bi-coloured baths variant in three of their freestanding bathtub models: Centro Duo Oval, Conoduo and Ellipso Duo Oval. These produce a dramatic impact within the bathing area and are available in alpine white, alpine white matt, black gloss, and lava black matt – providing an eye-catching combination for today’s modern bathroom.

Kaldewei baths – available in a range of colours

The importance of colour

In fact, Kaldewei has an extensive portfolio of over 600 shower surfaces, bathtubs, and washbasins, in a wide coordinated colour palette, including a range of dark and warm grey tones, classic shades and numerous variants of warm beige.  All of which enables Kaldewei to provide perfectly coordinated solutions for projects large or small, including those moments that demand a bold pop of colour.  The elegant lines and bold jewel tones provided by the Miena washbowl may be just what you need to bring a bathroom to life!

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