Bette manufactures a wide range of glazed titanium-steel shower trays and flush-to-floor shower areas, in a huge choice of sizes and colours, and so durable that they have a 30 year warranty.

The extensive range of colours includes 22 matt shades to coordinate with the latest trends in flooring. They are easy to clean, sustainable, 100% recyclable and Bette has also developed an almost invisible anti-slip surface: BetteAnti-slip Pro.

Bette’s smart BetteUpstand solution means that no silicone is needed between the shower tray and the wall. The BetteUpstand is part of the shower tray and is made to order to meet the installation requirements. 

Bette has also introduced an installation system that makes it faster and easier to install its shower trays. The Minimum Support can be ordered pre-attached to any BetteFloor, BetteFloor Side or BetteUltra shower tray and is then simply glued to the screed or wooden floor. 

Sustainability is central to Bette’s approach, and this is confirmed by the company’s Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) which complies with ISO 14025 and EN15804.For more information see telephone 0844 800 0547 or email

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