Roca’s newest complete collection offers solutions to fully equip any type of bathroom space and includes basins and furniture, brassware, baths, accessories, WCs and bidets.

Ona was developed by the Roca Design Centre team in collaboration with the international design studios Noa Design and Benedito Design.

Ona is ideal either for main or en-suite residential bathrooms, hotel bathrooms and other public spaces with intensive use. The collection features Roca’s latest innovations, such as Fineceramic® and Stonex® materials, the Everlux finish, touchless technology or Supraglaze® coating.

Ona means “Wave” in Catalan so this latest design is inspired by the Mediterranean Sea – its landscapes and lifestyle.

Fineceramic® in basins: natural hygiene and delicate shapes

Manufactured in Roca’s Fineceramic® material the basin collection reportedly facilitates a more sustainable production process and generates zero waste. All its composites are natural and the weight reduction positively impacts firing and transport, reducing CO2 emissions.

The basin range is versatile as the bowl can be placed asymmetrically or centred to provide extra useful shelving space. Over countertop basins are also available in rectangular and round shapes, in white and matt white finishes.

The glossy white has the option of Supraglaze® coating. This extra smooth surface, allows microscopic residue to slide off, and prevents dirt buildup.

Ona offers a furniture option for each basin, thanks to standard solutions with one drawer, two drawers or simple doors. They all feature a soft-close system and full extraction drawers and are available in a purely Mediterranean range of colours (matt white, matt grey, dark elm, light oak and matt green).

Ona Furniture

Brassware with character

Roca Faucet

One of Ona’s most singular elements is a tap with a distinguishing look, conceived by Benedito Design.

It stands out for its cylindrical and particularly slim body, available in different heights and spout lengths with a flat minimalistic handle.

Inside it, the Cold Start opening system, the flow limiter and a ceramic cartridge with reduced diameter guarantee greater efficiency, both in water and energy consumption. 

Ona brassware is available in four finishes: the chrome option with Evershine electrolytic coating, the two new colours provided by the exclusive Everlux PVD finish (titanium black, and rose gold) and the classic matt black. The range also includes versions for shower and bath (wall-mounted and built-in), kitchen and public bathrooms, with touchless operation.  

Baths and accessories, to feel closer to the Mediterranean

The bathtubs recall a peaceful and relaxing swim in the Mediterranean thanks to the large inner dimensions and the pleasant touch of Stonex®. Also inspired by natural resources, this exclusive Roca material features antislip properties. Ona bathtubs are available as built-in versions in two dimensions and models for corner-right or corner-left installation.

Accessories include a pack with countertop elements (tray, container, soap dispenser and tumbler), available in three matching furniture colours (matt white, matt grey and matt green). Manufactured with recyclable materials, they have been specifically designed to fit the basin shelf or the standard drawers of the furniture when not in use.

Rimless toilets, maximum hygiene standards

Unobtrusive toilets and bidets make the collection complete. All WCs are of the latest rimless generation and feature the Supraglaze® coating option, innovations that make cleaning easier and guarantee outstanding hygiene standards.

Ona offers toilets in different dimensions, with wall-hung, close-coupled and floor-standing models, as well as compact versions and wall-hung and back-to-wall bidets. This range also stands out for its extra height to provide greater comfort, as well as a larger flush button.

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