The Kinemagic Serenity Plus is a high quality, all-in-one shower cubicle that has been designed to fit in exactly the same space as a standard bath and can be installed with the minimum fuss and hassle. 

It is particularly suitable for less mobile or older customers thanks to the innovative magnetic handset holder that ‘sticks’ to any part of the shower rail making it easier to handle for people with a weak grip. An integrated horizontal safety bar provides support along the middle section of the cubicle to provide extra security and peace of mind for those who need to hold on whilst moving along the shower. An additional durable grab bar is also placed at the entry of the cubicle on either the left or right-hand panel (depending on installation) to help the customer access the cubicle with ease. Further safety features include an integrated cool-touch thermostatic shower control to eliminate scalding if the user touches it by accident and a comfortable fold-down seat that takes up to 150kg.  


Access into the cubicle is via a low entry shower tray that is just 30mm in height and has anti-slip flooring for the ultimate, safe showering experience. The tray has unique, adjustable feet for unbreachable and uneven floors to ensure a flat and even installation – something very important to those who are slightly shaky on their feet.  

Customers love the Kinemagic because it’s easy to clean and maintain. With sleek glass internal panels, rather than tiles and grout, and Cristal Plus coating – a permanent, anti-limescale coating that minimises the build-up of calcium deposits and dirt on glass – the need to clean is reduced. The treatment encourages water to run off the glass without leaving streaks or water marks. Another small, but relevant feature is the sleek, smooth shower hose. It doesn’t collect dirt and grime like coiled hoses and can be washed in no time. 

The quality of the unit is second to none and it is a sleek and stylish shower solution for any bathroom. After all, why should anyone compromise when it comes to their personal bathroom space?

Kinemagic serenity

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