Shower Floors for Accessibility

Flush-to-floor shower trays are growing in popularity because they look so stylish and contemporary, while also increasing accessibility in the bathroom.

Bette reports a trend towards larger shower areas, with Bette’s 1800 x 1000 mm size being selected more often, as it is great to use and can help to create an extremely luxurious look. There is also more interest in anti-slip, now that almost invisible options are available, and in other finishing touches that provide a benefit for the customer, such as BetteUpstand, which means that no silicone is required where the shower tray meets the wall.

BetteFloor flush-to-floor shower areas, in glazed titanium-steel, come in a large range of sizes and colours and offer ease of use and durability. They are also available with BetteAntiSlip Pro surface, which is almost invisible and so does not detract from the stylish look of the shower area.

Bette shower-floors
BetteFloor Side flush to floor shower area

The Material for Hygiene

The material the product is made from plays a huge part in determining how hygienic it can be, as those that can become scratched, can harbour dirt and bacteria and will be more difficult to clean. Bette uses glazed titanium-steel for all its baths, shower floors and basins. It is harder than marble, acrylic, stone resin or steel alone and its unique smoothness makes it difficult for dirt and bacteria to adhere to the glass-hard, non-porous surface. Dirt is easy to rinse off, and the material’s durability also means it can withstand heightened cleaning regimes, such as the use of bleach, as it is unaffected by chemicals. Bette glazed titanium-steel shower trays, shower floors, baths and basins also come with a 30 year warranty and are 100% recyclable.

BetteCraft basin

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