Oxfordshire based VitrA Bathrooms is part of one of Turkey’s most prominent industrial groups, the Eczacıbaşı Group.  Throughout the Global pandemic, the Group’s 13 production facilities have maintained supply of bathroom products for VitrA.   VitrA has grown steadily in the UK for over 25 years thanks to enduring design and hygiene features and benefits that have always been core to the company’s product development.

Turkish culture has a long heritage with health, hygiene, and well-being, all evident in the VitrA portfolio.  At a time when preventing the spread of Covid-19 has made cleanliness and handwashing critical for all, VitrA is fully equipped to meet the need for heightened hygiene.   All VitrA ceramic wear comes with a VitrA Hygiene glaze as standard.  Alongside this, many VitrA WC’s can include no-touch sensor control flushing.   The rimless designs on VitrA’s Rimex WCs also eliminate the nooks and crannies where germs can lurk. VitrA Fresh is another hygiene-enhancing product which dispenses detergent or disinfectant into every flush. VitrA Bathrooms portfolio has had hygiene at its heart for decades. According to VitrA, these features and benefits enable them to help their retail customers offer their consumers bathroom designs and products that are accessible, beautiful, and that will provide help to ease worry over hygiene in the home for years to come.

Hygiene at the heart of beautiful design

VitrA meets the Covid challeneg
VitrA Fresh WC dispenses detergent with every flush.

VitrA Fresh WC pans feature an integral tank that dispenses detergent with every flush and is available on WCs within the M-Line series. The detergent tank sits on top of the pan and is concealed by a removable lid, so refilling is easy. “Combined with the touch sensor flushing, it offers the ultimate in safe hygiene,” explains Margaret Talbot. 

Cleanliness is also at the heart of VitrA’s Rim-ex technology. Rim-ex WC pans are rimless, eliminating the area where germs, grime and limescale can gather and multiply, making cleaning faster and easier.

The VitrA Smart Panel is one of a host of no-touch flush plates available in an array of stunning designs. Specified in conjunction with a wall-hung (clear of the floor) WC and in-wall frame this creates  a secure, safe, and hygienic WC facility that makes cleaning easy and fast and means the user need never touch the unit. The VitrA Smart Panel can be linked to an app and controlled by either the user or housekeeping staff to flush and adjust flow rates.

VitrA Rimless Cleaning
VitrA Rim-ex WC pans available on selected WCs have no rim for germs to lurk.

The aerosol effect where bacteria can be carried in invisible drops of water from flushing has always been a concern where there is no lid to close to contain the spray. VitrA waterless urinals solve the problem and feature a new cartridge that speeds up the flow of urine away from the bowl. The cartridge is easy to replace. 

VitrA V-Care Covid challenge
V-Care pans feature VitrA’s Rim-ex design which means there is no rim around the inside of the pan for germs to lurk. V-Care is also perfect for multi-generational bathroom,

VitrA’s V-Care Comfort wall-hung WC features a sensor that opens the lid as the user approaches, adjustable washing and drying functions, a heated seat and more.  The integrated shower function puts an end to the need for toilet paper (an environmental benefit). It can be activated at the touch of a button on the remote control, which is intuitive and very easy to use. The remote can also be used to control the temperature of the ergonomic heated seat. Essential functions of the WC can be controlled via touch buttons on the right and left sides of the pan.   

Sento Furniture VitrA
VitrA Miniworx tiles which can be supplied with VitrA Shield, shown with VitrA Sento bathroom furniture range. 

Inevitably people touch wall surfaces in bathrooms and public toilets. VitrA Shield tiles are self-cleaning thanks to the photocatalytic features activated by light and humidity in the air while ensuring biocidal protection with their hygienic properties. The advanced technology of VitrA Shield eliminates unpleasant smells and airborne pollutants in spaces where the tiles are used.    www.VitrA.co.uk

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