The Art Deco style of the 1920s has been revived in the Unic Slate shower tray.  Acquabella’s new, eye-catching shower tray has an elegant arch with gentle slopes that frames the shower tray. The edging rounds off at the corners, creating a soft relief that accompanies the flow of water towards the drainage grate. The grid is integrated into the top to give continuity to the shower tray and offer new possibilities of customisation in three different designs: Deco, Drop and Dune.

The Slate effect texture is extremely realistic thanks to Akron®, providing a pleasant feel and an attractive appearance. Akron® is Acquabella’s patented material that guarantees truly extraordinary performance. The strength of this compound of mineral fillers and polyurethane prevents scratches and bumps, while the antibacterial surface prevents bacteria or microorganisms.

Akron® is also very easy to cut, allowing freedom of customisation. Unic Slate, like the other shower trays in the Acquabella collection, can be made to measure to meet different space requirements. Unic Slate can also be ordered in any colour from the Standard, Naturally Made or RAL/NCS ranges, achieving more than 2.000 colour options.

With a history that began almost 30 years ago in Valencia (Spain), and which continues today with a presence in more than 40 countries around the world, Acquabella has become a leading premium bathroom brand. Acquabella aims to create unique experiences in the bathroom while maximising the well-being of users. High-definition textures, made-to-measure manufacturing and attention to design and trends are the cornerstones of Acquabella.