A bold monochromatic design scheme delivers a timeless bathroom that is both minimalist and contemporary. Dulux has a range of ideas from simple black and white décor to subtle hints of black on a white canvass.

As Marianne Shillingford, creative director Akzonobel Dulux UK explains “When it comes to creating instant impact in the bathroom you can’t beat a slug of gutsy colour. Fortune favours the brave in small spaces where we should be able to enjoy a full immersion sensory experience in everything from invigorating water on our skin to texture and colour.”

Unique black and white bathroom tiles add character

Dukux Statement Colour Ideas

Black and white tiles come in a range of sizes and shapes. Designers can select from tiny checkerboard tiles to statement patterned tiles. Tiling the floor or extending to the walls in a smaller bathroom helps create the illusion of depth. The look can be softened with white tiled or painted walls, whilst wooden fixtures and fittings, or houseplants deliver a natural splash of colour.

Subtle hints of black for a minimalist aesthetic

Dulux coloured woodwork bathroom

Subtle hints of black in your woodwork and accessories deliver a minimalist take on the monochromatic scheme. Painting walls in a soft white like Moon Shimmer softens the look and pairs beautifully with Rich Black for skirting boards, doors, and window frames. A painted wooden bathroom ladder and a black wicker wash basket to complete the look.

Silver accents and dark oak creates a rustic style 

Dulux Statement Bathrooms

Black and white tones are also ideal for creating a rustic-inspired bathroom with retro accents. White bathroom walls are the starting point for this look, Absolute White delivers a crisp finish, and dark oak doors and cabinetry pair beautifully with Victorian-style silver taps and pipework.

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