As the government promotes the importance of regularly washing hands thoroughly for 20 seconds to slow the spread of Covid-19, fitting a flow regulator to household taps could make huge savings to water usage.

The importance of saving water is well documented, using more costs money to heat it, uses energy that adds to our carbon emissions and further depletes what is becoming a scarce resource. Yes,  even in the UK with all the wet weather we experience, water is still in short supply. 

So, whilst it may seem a simple request to wash our hands regularly for 20 seconds, if it doubles the amount of water used each wash it results in many thousands more litres of water being washed down the plug hole.

Kevin Gates, UK Managing Director at the world’s largest flow regulator manufacturer Neoperl (based in Malvern) said “As an industry we have the technology to easily reduce the flow of water in taps without compromising the experience. We all have taps in the home, whether in the bathroom or cloakroom, where water is largely used for just washing hands or cleaning teeth. Most of the time these taps have a higher flow rate than required and we are simply throwing clean water down the drain.

It’s a really affordable solution to retro fit a flow regulator, most consumers could do it themselves with a little advice. They simply need to be aware that flow regulators exist, obtain the right advice as to which regulator to fit to retain adequate performance and finally they need to purchase a simple tool to fit it.”

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